Consumed by Love

I had a great healing massage today facilitated by Alex Rea. I am very grateful for his sensitivity and healing abilities that allowed me to uncover more about my past.

I have always had numbness in my back. I don’t know when it began. For the last couple days it has been sore to the touch and burning. It is a very strange sensation. Before someone releases something ingrained, it will come to the surface in the form of symptoms. I use the analogy of a blind pimple coming to a head to be popped. I believe, this is what was happening with my back.

During the massage, I was shown a lifetime of being crucified. It was a pretty common form of torture in its day. The wood was very rough and stuck in my back. The pattern Alex massaged (without me telling him) was the pattern of the outline of a cross on my muscles.
As he massaged my back, I visualized all the cells of the area screaming in torture and I released their anguish.

My back was still burning. I was shown another layer of pain. It was the lifetime I was burned at the stake. I felt the flames lick the back of me as they climbed the stake I was tied to. My back was the first thing to singe. I was told that the work I do now to assist people is triggering a release of these past experiences within me.

These are the types of experiences that have happened to people for using their gifts. It may be the reason why some may be afraid to speak their truth. But the thing to remember is that they are in the past. They need not happen again.

What I know about myself is that I have already suffered for my sensitivities and yet I am still compelled to share. For me it is about squeezing as much love into this world as possible until I become Love itself.

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