Chronic Overeating

When someone comes into this lifetime with the unconscious memory of being starved, they may tend to overeat to squelch an insatiable memory. They are trying to reassure their body that it is not going to starve. It is not the physical body that is starving. The memory is so strong that it overrides the physical body cues that it is full.

People who are overweight because of this, then set them selves up for a cycle of shame by being overweight and starving themselves to compensate. By starving themselves they are igniting the past life fear and setting themselves up to binge. Also sugary calories may give the body a similar feeling of emptiness and perpetuate the cycle as well.

That is why a balance diet is so effective. It may take a long time to reassure yourself, on all levels, that you are not going to starve to death. It is the best way. It takes discipline but hopefully the awareness that it is a past issue will validate the body in ways junk food cannot.

It may also be good to consciously feed yourself. When you sit down at a meal, get a sense of the lifetime where you were starving and eat from that vantage point. Reassure it that it has come through the lean times and can now be at ease. It’s a way of loving yourself. It will hopefully lessen the need to validate that lifetime with hoards of food.

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