Challenging Others’ Beliefs

I never understood the need to inflict one’s sense of right on someone else. Debating always seemed to me to be a display of outwitting someone. I never wanted to outwit someone else. Didn’t they need their vantage point as part of their identity? Who was I to rob them of that? I have seen people get heated up over certain politicians who were obviously corrupted. My response to them was, “The abuse of power is an important step on the path of love. You abused power at one time. Would you deprive another person of that same lesson?”

I remember as a little girl of nine going to see Santa Claus. It was very awkward because I knew he wasn’t Santa. But I did not want to say the wrong thing to him just in case he believed he was Santa. It was with that same trepidation that I have approached all souls. Many little dogs think they are huge breeds. That belief helps them feel brave and protect the house ; which is a huge responsibility for them. It would be cruel to rob them of their façade. In that same regard the only person that can’t be healed, is the one who doesn’t believe in healing.

Everyone has their facades. The next time someone has a great idea or a great confidence in themselves or a project; let them “run with it”. When you enlighten someone with the truth because you don’t want them to fail…they just did. Success is won in dreams and invisible flights of fancy and encouraged in the hard light of day.

Encourage dreams. Don’t just wait to bandage skinned knees.

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