Chakra Clearing

Chakras are energy systems in the body. They function by pulling energy into the body and feeding it to the glandular system where it is processed and distributed throughout the whole system. Some people can balance their systems by cleansing and empowering the chakras of the body.

There are nine chakras that work with the personal energy field and seven of them that are within the body itself.  Each one of them is associated with a color and they are hopefully in alignment at the core of the body. The first chakra is called the root chakra and it is located at the base of the pubic bone.

Each chakra draws in differently colored energy. The color of the energy that a chakra draws correlates with the colors of the rainbow. The root chakra draws in red energy. The next chakra above that, the second chakra draws in orange energy, and above that yellow. After that is green, blue, purple, and finally violet at the top of the head.

The chakras are like fuel systems for the body and when they aren’t working, the whole body and especially the area that chakra is in, may suffer health-wise. It is important that the chakras are functioning. I detect that a lot of the reason why the glandular system gets compromised is because the chakra supporting it is not functioning at full capacity.

For example, people with low thyroid use may do EFT taps to clear out blockages in their throat chakra.  Maybe word it like: I remove all stagnant energy from my throat chakra in all lifetimes.  And I recharge my throat chakra in all lifetimes.

Maybe someone has worked on clearing every one of their chakras and they still don’t feel like they are working at ultimate capacity. Maybe their individual chakras are not working with the other chakras in the body. There may be some sort of disconnect somewhere. To remedy a disconnect between the chakras the cranial tap would be:

I align and connect all my chakras in all lifetimes.

Some people have done this and still have a difficulty in clearing their chakras and feeding them clean energy. Some people have an aversion to working with the different colors of the chakra system. The reason is very subtle.  Since the chakras are identified with different colors, and to feed the chakras is to “ingest” different colors, one must have a good relationship with the colors involved.

For example, I had one client who had difficulty in clearing and reenergizing their root chakra. It was creating a weakness in the body. I could tell that feeding the clean red energy into the body wasn’t helping when I detected the subtle cause. She had an aversion to the color red.

Because she had an aversion to the color red, she was inadvertently preventing red healing energy to enter her body. Because of this her root chakra was depleted and she had sexual issues.  It doesn’t matter which came first and which is the cause of what. I realized then that if I helped her clear her repulsion to red (could be as simple as hating to menstruate or as deep as a blood stained scenario after war) it would help in balancing out the energy of the body. Here are some taps for the root chakra color red.

I release the belief that red is evil in all life times.

I release associating red with pain in all lifetimes.

I release associating red with shame in all lifetimes.

One’s association with a particular color may be very personal. They may have to realize what negative associations they may have to a particular color when they are clearing out their aversions.

Here are some statements to help with the clearing of the other chakras of the body.

I release associating red with the devil, or evil in all lifetimes.

I release associating orange with hell in all lifetimes.

I release associating green with putrid in all lifetimes.

I release associating green with infection in all lifetimes.

I release associating blue with sadness and tears in all lifetimes.

I release associating purple with fear and shadows in all lifetimes.

You can make up whatever taps you need. Just think about every color and what it may conjure up for you.  This just may be a back door means of clearing out your chakras, and by doing so, releasing stagnant energy from your system all by yourself.