The ABC’s of Healing

The ABC’s of Healing

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Always think positive thoughts. Words have a vibration. Your mind is a 3-D printer. Whatever you think, you manifest. This is especially true of those with greater awareness. The more you consciously pick your thoughts and words better, the greater force for positivity you can be in the world.

Be Loving and Kind. Love is a conduit for healing. Love opens up the energy field of the client and allows it to receive healing energy into itself.

Cleanse the energy of yourself and the room before and after the session. It doesn’t need to be a drawn out event. You can do it in an instant by blasting out the room with cleansing light and love with one quick intention.

Don’t make the session about you in any way. This takes away from the client. They have to totally relax their energy. If you make them receive anything about you, it does them a disservice. The client is NEVER to be put in the position of fulfilling the facilitator’s needs.

Everyone is a healer in some way. By seeing others as amazing and empowered, you help them manifest amazing things in themselves.

Forgo allowing your ego to be stroked in any way. Those who are quickest to praise you may be the ones who are also to curse you.

Ground before a session. Tune into the Universe. Nature, Music, Light or Love. Use whatever it takes to expand your consciousness to realize your own expansiveness.

Healing is not a dirty word. We are trained to not accept our abilities as a healer. Stop apologizing for what you do. Stop keeping it secret or be shy about owning your gifts. When you accept yourself as a dynamic healer, you create a pathway for others to accept their abilities as well.

Imagine only good things. Never imagine bad things happening to anyone. This is using your creative grace in an unethical way. The more you guard the sacredness of what you imagine, the more the Universe will trust you will its secrets.

Judge no one or no situation. Judging anything means that you are working from the mental realms; which is limiting. The healing energy is drawn in from a place beyond the mind. When you are doing healing energy, you are not a physical being but a pure portal for expansive healing energy.

Keep the session totally about the client. Facilitators must not talk about anything but the client in a session or beyond. The client is formulating a new healthy reality as a base and it is unethical to contaminate that with past history or problems.

Lead from the Gut. Anything that comes to the physical, emotional or mental attention of the facilitator is a key to assist the client. There are no accidents.

Maintain a sense of order in your work space and life. Your work will reflect the order you maintain in other aspects of your existence.

Never ever inflict fear on a client. This is an arrogant way of keeping them dependent on you. Fear closes a person’s energy. This is not what we do as healers.

Observe the law of Silence. Insights regarding a looming disaster individually or globally are not helpful and not necessarily accurate. Sharing belief that bad things will happen may actually be feeding them into existence.

Praise other healers. There is no need for competition with them. When you empower other energy workers, you create a synergy between you and them. Your effectiveness becomes more exponential.

Quandaries are kept in dormant state. Don’t allow the clients to pull out all their issues and transfer them to your nervous system by telling you about them. Keep the issues in a dormant state of energy. Release all issues from the client while they are in energy form. It is much more effective and less wear and tear on your body.

Remain Neutral. Being detached from an outcome, allows for a drama free setting. Holding space for exponential possibilities for the client prevents the possibility of creating angst in any way.

Speak in plain language. There is no need to show off your knowledge by using energy buzz words that the client doesn’t know. This only puts an unnecessary divide between you and the client. It is not necessary to intimidate them. This is contraindicated to empowering them.

Telling the future is non-productive. As entertaining as it is, there is a multitude of outcomes for any situation. By telling someone what you see, you may be limiting their choices and locking them in an outcome. Doing so is a disservice.

Understand that you are being stretched as you help others. Fear will come in as an indicator that you are being stretched. It is not to be used to make you recoil from what you do, it’s a means to gauge that you are moving beyond the ego and the ego may be wanting to prevent that.

Value your work. Don’t use the client to validate your worth as a healer. Seeking approval from them in any way prevents you from being as dynamic as you can be.

Wish the best for everyone. This intention will help the healing energy to always be prevalent. You will become a vortex of healing with very little effort necessary.

X-expect miracles. A miracle is merely shifting energy in a way that others don’t understand. The more you get comfortable expecting dynamic outcomes, the more your intentions will be manifested.

Zing with gratitude. Gratitude opens up the chakras. Gratitude allows more healing energy to move through you to assist others.

Spending time around others who are unimpressed with your talents but enjoy you as a friend are a great way to stay grounded. If you are feeling too immersed in your work, go to the mall or somewhere else where there is a lot of others and balance out by just being present doing the ordinary. It may be just the thing to bring relief.

One gauge that may show that you are overwhelmed or not remaining detached is the cleanliness standards that you are able to maintain. Sometimes balancing out is as simple as cleaning a messy room or even bathing and decluttering in some way.

Don’t judge.

Everyone is a Lightworker. The more you see them as such, the more it will help them manifest their healing gifts. The less you judge them the more you empower them.

I am certain that volumes could be shared on how to maintain one’s Light and Love. It is good to write them down and put a little attention on them for one’s self but it is also good to not mandate the spontaneity and Love out of anything. It is good to also realize that everyone is human and working on their issues as much as possible, Instead of being critical of other Lightworkers, merely be grateful for their company on the road to the heart of Love.

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