Have you ever called in sick when you were not? Did you end up getting sick afterwards? Did you ever tell a white lie and then have it come true in some way or another? Did you ever tell someone you had a prior commitment because you didn’t want to go out with them? Did you ever tell someone to tell the person who is calling for you that you are not available. These little lies seem harmless but they ping away at our integrity.

We make excuses for the lies by saying that we want to spare someone’s feelings. But the truth is, we are cowards. We are diluting our own effectiveness when we casually lie. We are actually lying to ourselves.

The more that we are honest with others, the more that we stand in our center. When we stand in our center, those around us start to stand in their center as well. People are tired of the lack of substance in relationships. Speaking your truth is like putting the meat back in the sandwich.

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