Building Bridges Instead of Borders

As our individual world expands and our boundaries relax, we see it reflected in the happenings of the world. Places on the other side of the world used to be strange and something we could not possibly identify with. But we start to realize that we share traits like wanting respect, loving our children and worshiping in our own unique way. These are all similarities we can draw upon. Indeed the boundaries of the world are relaxing.

Those who have an agenda have sent a call out for those in the south to send their children to swell at our borders. They are being used as pawns to intentionally push the issue of border reform. It is a passive aggressive way to bring more attention to a sensitive subject. It is a heated, controversial issue because there is seemingly no way to solve it.

Sometimes countries act as people and do nothing, when it is vital that something is done. I had an inner vision of a win-win scenario. It was a buffer zone between Mexico and the United states that was not a wall but a community of schools and living quarters that were opportunities for the small children to learn English and productive life skills. Maybe the ones that excelled and showed promise could be further assisted in gaining more skills. It could be an opportunity to show a benevolence and a greater vision in a world where love and benevolence are still trying to regain a foothold over fear and hate.

I understand the reactionary responses that this point of view will create. I don’t care to hear them. Because I can also toggle realities and see an opposite scenario of sending so many children away dejected. There is a lot of anguish and emotional hurt to fuel someone who has been rejected and abandoned. Is sending so many people away hating America for their lack of kindness really a good idea?

The borders of the world are crumbling. We have a primal fear that our community or country will be overtaken by a huge force. The more that America can control her own borders the better. This is true. But it is not effective to stay in the “Them versus Us” mentality. America must adopt a win-win scenario for this situation. Maybe instead of rallying for another bout of war; which we are all weary from; how about we rally for humanity, education and meeting the needs of a new generation.

The children of the world are all of our children. We can no longer ignore the needs of others in a selfish state of denial. Maybe, instead of throwing our hatred and fear at the problem, we can send our love and support to the children. Maybe this is a great project for all of America to come together on; not to deplete our own resources but to draw upon an infinite well of hope and possibility for all. By treating these children with respect, we will be teaching then to be respectful citizens in the world. I would prefer that they come to our borders in their innocence, then find a way back into the country in twenty years carrying their resentment.

I know it is a difficult task but it is stretching our capacities. As Americans, we decide what we are stretched in, hate and power or kindness and love.

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