Breaking through Old Wounds

In a session with a young woman, I knew of her desire to be an accomplished singer. I had tapped into a past life of hers while assisting her best friend who also loved to sing. They were both best friends in the past as well. They were very poor; in the past life I saw; and would sing as a way of escaping their class. But it left emotional wounds.

When this beautiful girl sang, she would get this glazed over look on her face. It was if in the past lifetime she made herself numb to the harsh judgement and sang out of pure determination to not be diminished by the poverty. The numbness showed up on her face in the present. She put a huge wall between herself and the audience.

We did many EFT taps to remove the walls and masks. I released a lot of the emotional issues including shame and resentment of the audience. I even sang for her to show her how to use the voice merely to pour Love out into the world with no expectations attached to it. And to sing unabashedly to give and not to receive anything at all. Not even appreciation. It was a hard shift to facilitate because it was so ingrained.

We had a breakthrough when my cat Smudge walked by. When she was singing, that glazed look appeared out of habit but when she looked at Smudge, it momentarily disappeared. Bingo! I picked up Smudge and sat very close to her with Smudge looking right at her. I instructed her to sing to Smudge. She sang, open and vulnerable with all her heart. The glaze was gone! That is all she had to do: instead of singing to people,visualize singing to Smudge or her own little dog.

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