Bliss After Murder

I had a revelation about people associating the accelerated heart rate (such as from being scared) with being murdered because those are the kinds of places I go with my clients. Those are the experiences that isolate people and make them think that they are so alone.. Because in the instance of being murdered, we are alone. And I do have a conscious memory of being murdered by my husband in one lifetime. There is a bliss after murder that the conscious memory forgets.

Technique: When you are feeling anxious and scared and afraid you are going to die and having a panic attack:

The belief is that you are going to die. Death is not the end but a doorway to a peaceful beginning. So when you are afraid you are going to die, say, “so what” to yourself. In that moment you are frozen in a state of terror. To pass through that state, visualize going past that moment of terror and into the bliss that ensues. This is a means of removing yourself from that pinnacle experience that is paralyzing you in fear.

See the trauma and fear and horror slipping away as you move towards Love and Light and friends who have crossed over. Feel welcome and Loved. Let the angst dissolve out of your body.

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