Beyond Empathy

There are those among us who feel the pain of others so deeply, that it is much more preferable to feel it directly rather than see others suffer. Many people who have horrendous lives, are those who cannot bear to see another suffer. Feeling the pain directly is the lesser of two evils. In a perverted way, having a difficult life is a great distraction from feeling the plight of others.

There is a technique to benefit such people: I will try to explain it.
(Please don’t try this unless you have a need to relieve your own angst.)

It is a matter of being open and detached at the same time. One who is empathetic, instinctively has an open energy field. So to assist someone, when you feel someone’s issues “coming into you”, detach from them emotionally and mentally. Don’t put an emotional value on them and don’t identify with them. Don’t try to analyze it. Leave it in an energetic form. In this way, keep it in a “cloud form”.

This cloud form will feel like congestion or the energy you would experience in a stuffy room. If you can experience the energy in this form, then you can easily move it out with your intention. It can feel as easy as blowing away a cloud or visualize it being dissolved in a river of Light.

People who want to feel relief will seek you out. They will feel more validated by you feeling their pain as emotions or mental thoughts. You must be ruthless in defending your boundaries. Ignorance is no excuse for debilitating another with one’s issues. The physiological make up of a person can only handle so much and then it will start to feel taxed. The way to stay whole is to shut down completely from compassion or rise above it. This technique is what rising above it looks like.

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