Being a Soul Whisperer

Every post, every exercise I give, and every poem I share has an intention of assisting individuals in reclaiming their missing pieces. They are able then to collect themselves to pull back to wholeness. They are capable of reclaiming energetically what was taken from them. I also assist in healing all the cracks when the pieces are recollected so they can retain the divine love that is poured into them just like a vase can contain water.

The love I provide is pure healing energy to soothe a weary soul. It is true that a soul cannot be broken from the outside and that our true essence can’t be lost. Soul is a nugget of divine love contained in layers of tools such as emotions, thoughts, and a physical body so that it can gain awareness on all levels. It is true that a soul can’t be destroyed from without but it can be manipulated, abused and dejected to believe that it can be destroyed.

That is why my help is so effective. I am able to talk to the main essence of a person; the one that hasn’t had voice or reason for so long. I am a soul whisperer. I can remind them of their essence and that they are empowered beyond all the illusion of what is outwardly perceived. I can remind them of the reality of their true self and how to speak in their native tongue; which is love.

If what I said was just words, their superficiality would be dismissed immediately. But soul recognizes its native tongue, like a child taken from their homeland at a young age, never to practice the language again. But once he hears it, memories of his sweet mother and homeland come rushing in. That is what happens when people read my posts. They are hearing and responding to the love.

There is such a freedom and delight in speaking one’s native tongue. To be so unencumbered and open is how it is to regain one’s empowerment. Empowerment is having the true self back at the helm and putting thoughts, beliefs, experiences, feelings, and physical existence in alignment with the true self; which is love. Healing is a matter of piercing the illusion of pain, isolation, and unworthiness. Our true essence can then oversee, saturate, and enhance all that we think, feel, say, and do. I assist with this process.

Your true self is a mighty being. It can be a beacon as bright as a thousand suns in this world for all to burn off the dross and know their true self. Everything we think, say, and do is a choice as to whether to empower the true self or shove it in a corner of ourselves and allow it to collect dust. You are empowered now and every moment to choose and speak love. To do so sets your inner compass on love.

You speak fluid love. It is only a matter of remembering and trusting it. You are a soul whisperer, too. But love shouldn’t be whispered; like a dirty little secret. Divine love should be gregariously shared, and enjoyed in song, kindness, and brotherhood. So let’s be soul singers and ride the eternal melodies back into the heart of love.

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