Being A Good Person

Sometimes being a good person is more than just mouthing words of encouragement that others want to hear. Sometimes it means advocating for someone who others would prefer to shun. Sometimes it is having compassion for an issue when others would prefer to sweep it under the rug. Sometimes it is taking the unfavorable stance; not to prove a point but because there are real people with real feelings and real problems to factor in. Sometimes it may entail being unpopular. The question is: are you going to be a good person, or do you just want to think of yourself as one?

Some people are lonely and want to fit in. Some people are suffering with a dilemma and trying to maneuver through it. Many are desperately trying to make sense of their life, society, God, and their place in the mix of it. Some just want to turn off the barrage of thoughts, and emotional angst that seems to string their existence together.

Did you know it is illegal in many states to say that you can heal? It makes sense because of all the abuse that will come from that statement. But it is legal to administer drugs that have such side effects that are more horrific and devastating than any health condition. It is legal to medicate children and lead them to dependence on medications for life. It is legal to poison our environment as long as the poisons fly under the radar.

To me holding a positive intention for someone is a form of healing. In that respect, I am a healer, because that is my intention for all. So instead of being respected for what I do and how I help people, I am not considered more than a good person.

I have been consciously helping others my whole life. That seems to be my purpose for being here. I have accepted that I just don’t fit into society or a niche or any group. But I continue to help others. Even though I know that after I help someone they are going to be embarrassed to tell others about it. I know when someone wants to see me, it is because they need some kind of help even though they really sincerely think they are being genuine in wanting to see or talk to me for me. I also realize that when I go out of my way to assist someone who is crying out in pain, that they will later scoff at my help, ignore me or attribute the help to some other variable.

I will continue to be a good person, even if I know I will be ostracized, used, unappreciated or undervalued. That is my agreement with Love. I will Love even though it is not returned and I will do what I can to make this world a better place for those I see suffering. This is the bar I have set for my personal integrity. I encourage others to be a good person, not because there is a short-term pay off but because easing the dis-ease of others is the ultimate reward

Here are some ways to be a Good person:

Do what you agree to do.
Say only kind things about others.
Paint only uplifting scenarios for others to walk into.
Let others outshine you.
Acknowledge the individual plight of all you encounter.
Listen with your heart and answer with your heart.
Allow people to feel good about themselves.
Do what you can to assist others without coming out of your center.
Allow people their dreams.
See others’ lives from their vantage point, not yours.
Allow room for others to grow and change direction.
Forgo any expectations from others.
Expect nothing from others.
Ask yourself “What would Love do?”
Do what Love would do until you become Love itself.

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