Become a Plant Whisperer

I got a nudge to go into a wholesale supermarket one day. There was something there, I sensed, that I was to pick up for my sister. Mentally, this seemed ridiculous because she doesn’t eat processed foods. But I have learned to listen to my nudges. (A nudge is that nagging sense within myself to do something. It is a higher awareness nudging me closer to a higher conscious awareness.)

There was nothing that would appeal to my sister so I went to leave and then I saw why I was there. There were beautiful orchid plants wrapped up in cellophane “dying” to be back in natural sunlight. I picked the first one that I was drawn to get for her and had to get another one too that was screaming for freedom. I could not put the one back that I had first chosen because I would feel too bad to think of leaving it behind, so I got both.

This situation happens often lately. I will be drawn into places, not realize why at first and then know it is to save the plants. A few weeks ago there was cactus in a drugstore that I rescued from the clearance aisle. I took it to plant sanctuary for it to live out its days (my sister’s house). The next time I saw it, it was sitting in the front window in a new pot emanating great pride. I saw how much it mattered.

Another time there was a row of plants in a different supermarket that were bone dry. I can’t take them all so I pick out the ones that seem to need to be loved the most or are thriving the hardest, and adopt them as surrogates for the whole group. That day I chose two plants and went up to the service desk a bit tongue in cheek. “I have a complaint” I said. “It isn’t for me but these plants have a complaint. They are very thirsty and have been neglected”. (the plants in the cart LOVED the validation). The woman promised to have the rest watered.

I took them to my sisters and she poured her love into them. She named them, transplanted them, introduced them to the other plants and figured out which window they wanted to be in. The next time I visited, she was excited to show them to me. In less than a week, they more than doubled in size. Seriously. The love, validation and their gratitude just was brimming out of their stalks.

Plants love just as much as people or animals do. It is we who have to tune our settings to be aware. It is we that are missing out on the love. Every blade of grass is screaming out with love if only we learn to acknowledge it.

So when I took the orchids to my sister’s house, she just looked stunned. She had just been in a home repair store and was drawn to the orchids there. As much as she wanted to get one, she denied herself, and them. It was like the Universe had me step in to validate her worthiness to accept her bounty. My sister has recognized that partaking in the wonderment of life, is like taking ourselves off the shelf.

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