Aversion to Beauty-Being Sacrificed

I have had a few clients who have had a real aversion to being beautiful. This following scenario is more common than you might think.

A past life opened up in which a client was a girl who was just discovering her womanhood. This important man started coming around her family and giving her attention. She started being treated special. It was all so wonderful and overwhelming. She started receiving gifts and respect from even the elders. She accepted it as it came.

They started preparing her for a huge celebration. She was going to be the guest of honor. The nice man that she met spent time with her and in her naivete she thought they were going to be mated. The night of the ceremony they adorned her from head to foot. She was cleansed and tended to.

When she was finally presented, the nice man was there. Everyone was there and then her joy turned to terror when she saw her fate. She was going to be sacrificed. There was a procession up to the volcano where she would be thrown into. The man no longer talked to her but led the procession. No one would meet her eyes. No one helped as she screamed out. She was in a hellish situation that sealed her fate in that lifetime.

By releasing the trauma of this memory. The client could now be comfortable in her own skin and not associate such dread with being attractive.

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