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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

You really can’t honestly speak about truth without breaching the taboo in our society. The concept of reincarnation. People are starving for truth but it has to be tempered so as not to step on people’s belief system. The problem is that the current belief system of living only one flawed desperate life and then making it to heaven to live a perpetual peace is a myth. How can anyone maneuver around that antiquated belief and still have a semblance of truth?

So much of who we are, all our mistakes, spiritual lessons, health issues and relationships are earmarked from what we have already experienced in past lives. Our past lives are a treasure trove for us to delve in to discover the reason behind our weakness, fears, attractions, and preferences. As a matter of literal fact, many people who are tapped into their past lives, reach a depth of compassion that one-lifers can only stumble upon. But those who formulate who they are from who they were, reach a greater depth.

Some one-lifers can stumble upon their depth and attribute it to God. But without the understanding of the fact that we have already been in the stranger’s shoes, it can also leave one-lifers cold and judgmental. The one lifers are working overtime these days to get conservative judges in so they can control the narrative of how society mandates laws.

The one-lifers have become ruthless and cruel in their pursuit of the mainstream narrative. Why is this? They are fighting for their denial. They are fighting for their concept of God. They are fighting for their very existence. Christianity has been a chokehold on society ever since the dark ages. We have never really come out of the dark ages because of the belief of one physical life.

The concept of a one life existence has been a controlling factor on society. When the truth is so very evident these days, denying it has created a warped and dismal reality. Why are the alternative left demonized? What could they possibly do that is so bad and still function in society? The alternative left simply believes the truth that the one lifers are in denial about. They are more likely open to the concept of reincarnation.

It is hard not to be open to one’s past lives when memories of who we have come flooding through. This is what many experience. I was raised with the western belief system but memories of who I was would come flooding through at the most inopportune times. There were not only images, but smells, sounds, and sensations. It is not something one can deny once one opens up to their past lives. It is literally like denying your own childhood and how it formulated your adulthood. Anyone who is a spiritual seeker, will hit a glass wall if they deny the past lives that formulated the present them.

During the dark ages, the bible was rewritten to leave out most references of reincarnation. This was to give the bishops more of a hold over their flock and actually charge them for an assured place in heaven. The fear of not going to heaven had to be very scary to make the sell better. That is why hell was sold as such a horrible place.

There used to be an alternative place that people would go to that were not ready for heaven. It was called purgatory. It was too easy for people to figure out that purgatory was simply coming back to earth again. So the teaching of purgatory was discontinued.

Some of the references to reincarnation were not able to white-washed out of the bible. If one has an older edition to the bible and reads what John the Baptist wrote, they may catch a reference. John talks of who he was in a past life and explains Jesus is the second coming of David. The references to Jesus returning to earth was not about him coming back to reign supreme. It was merely Jesus talking about future lives.

The simple version is always the most obvious. Instead of creating a virgin birth that defies physical law, could Jesus’s birth not be celebrated because it was the return of a beloved king from the past? When he spoke of his God the father, perhaps he was trying to convey kindness in the concept of God for everyone to debunk controlling ruthless depictions of God. He was not flaunting his birthright. That is not what Avatars do. He was creating a means for all people to perceive God in a loving way. He was trying to help people to feel worthy of God’s love.

His teachings were twisted to manipulate the masses. Genocide and holy wars were committed to control the narrative. It seems like a ruthless misguided thing to do but we are seeing the echoes of those horrible memories show up today in how desperate people are to control other people’s personal choices. The whole abortion issue is merely a memory of past issues of control wanting to reseat themselves. The issue over abortion is simply the holy wars is a more subtle form. Echoes of genocide are in play in how open minded people are demonized as the alt left.

Those who believe in a woman’s right to choose are liken to the pagans of the day who were killed merely for not proclaiming Jesus Christ as the only son of God. That is the issue that is at hand. Power mongers are using their old tactics for control but mass consciousness has become too savvy. The whole belief that a fetus is a person is actually not about the life of a child.

The people who are fighting hardest for this are the same ones who lack compassion for woman and who are for locking up children at the border. It is not out of compassion that people fight for forcing a woman to procreate. The fight is actually the same as in the dark ages. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and your Lord and Savior?

No I do not. Jesus was a great Soul who came to earth to uplift the consciousness of humanity. He did release a lot of the karma from the masses. It did not have to be through his physical death. Many Great Healers know how to pass stagnant energy out of this world and heal people. More and more are learning the skills and releasing their own issues without needing to be saved by an imperial son.

Jesus is a good man with a great sense of humor and a great compassion for the ignorant. He abhors how his time on earth was used to enslave the masses and he encourages and endorses what I do. He is particularly perplexed how people can go along reliving his torture every Easter. If you loved someone, you would help them forget something like that and not force them to relive it; which is what the Christian faith does every year. It is a difficult time for him. It is like mocking him as a failure.

Pope Francis and the Elders at the Vatican surely know about the writings of reincarnation locked up in their libraries. Perhaps he struggles with the inner prompting to reveal the truth to the masses and end a lot of the misery in the world of forcing the poor to procreate more poverty. When he became the pope, it was clear to me that the whole lineage of pope’s purpose was; as flawed as some of them were, was to hold space for this good soul to come through. Pope Francis is capable in assisting humanity in reaching the heights of their ability to awaken simply by revealing the truth.

There have been a few great inspirational writers and speakers in the present day; John Dyer, Deepock Chopra and Eckharte Tolle to name a few. They have all shared great innate truths. But I think their message was hindered by not being even more open about reincarnation. I know John Dyer spoke of being the reincarnation of St Francis of Assisi. It was so refreshing to hear him speak of it. But as he did, there was an odd sensation that occurred. As he spoke outwardly about his past lives, the truth of his words did not pierce the conditioning of his audience.

I watched people accepted his words. They did not doubt them. But they seemed to file them away in a place where, “this is not talked about”. That was it. It was like the truth that he was speaking did not sear through to the cognitive mind. They were buffered from reaching a stark landing of reality. They were politely and dutifully compartmentalized. But the vibration of the world is changing at an alarming rate. It is impossible to prevent truth from being shared as is evidence of this post THAT WILL REACH PEOPLE.

Here is the thing. We are in the midst of attempted genocide. Power factions are trying to kill truth once again. Society is already mangled to such a decree for lack of truth. But truth is still making its way to the conscious mind through the individuals own Akashic records bubbling to the surface. Power factions are trying to get people to once again deny their truth. We will not allow this to happen. The Ancient Ones will not allow it to happen.

It is time to stop being polite about your belief system because you are respectful of theirs. Their belief system wants to mandate cruel practices upon women. You keeping quiet about your truth enables them to be able to stay in denial. Speak up about your past lives. Speak up about your understanding of truth. Let them know that abortion is not the death of anyone because we live on lifetime after lifetime.

If you have to, remind them of what it says in the Bible; in Genesis. God made the body of man out of the dust of earth. THEN he breathed life into it. The soul does not enter the baby until the first breath. Man in his arrogance believes that he can conceive a soul. This is beyond his pay scale. Soul is eternal. Man in made of flesh. The wisdom of the eternal soul is best addressed by kindness and truth. This is the power we all have; to be truthful and kind. This is how we serve God and humanity best.

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The Disservice that You Do

As we evolve, our relationship with time is changing. More and more as we drop out of linear enslavement, many of us will seem lackadaisical. But in fact we are attuning ourselves to a more innate reality than this one offers.

There are do-gooders all over the world who are trying to do right by their family. They want the best for them. They “hold” the family together. They keep them “on track”.  But most of us don’t want to be on the track. We don’t even want to be held together in our dysfunction. We never have. It isn’t our nature. We were conditioned to adhere to time and the group mentality. But we are conditioned to do many things that are actually hindering in some way.  Some well intentions, in hindsight, now seem cruel.

Not too very long ago, it was a standard practice to force children who were naturally left handed, to write with their right hand. They were chided by teachers and made to feel disabled simply for their dexterity. Looking back we can see how silly that is. But there are other things we do now that in time are going to seem very cruel and unnatural too.

When someone is in the dream state and waking up, it’s a sacred time. They are in a whimsical process of collecting all that they attained in their night travels and adapting it to what is necessary to get through the day. They are getting insights, direction, wisdom, and even mapped out instructions of information they need in their daily life. To rip them away from that process to keep them on schedule is short sighted and cruel. It can leave them unbalanced and moody all day.

Did you know that there are places of higher learning in the subtle realms?  When you are having dreams of being in a classroom, or at a University, you may actually be learning in the other realms. Whatever you are learning there is more suited to your spiritual well-being than anything that you can learn here. In some ways, the deficient school methods here are more of a conditioning for prison than the freedom and expansiveness that the Universe holds.

To rip your child out of the sleep state to have them tend a school that they dread may be a necessity in this world but it doesn’t mean that it fulfills the child’s highest purpose. Perhaps that is why so many adults are struggling to find their purpose. They are looking among the strewn material in their outer world instead of gleaning from inner realms.

If you are living with an irritable person, you could be the cause. If you are always pulling them out of the dream state this would irritate them. Or if you are pulling them along to be active because you believe it is better for them to engage in the daily activities, you could be robbing them and the world of their genius.  If you have someone that always is falling back to sleep, it is because they need that time. They are not being insolent by sleeping. They are retrieving the things they need to arm and balance them in this life.

Over scheduling someone is like nailing them into time and space. They may be trying to toggle exploring the higher realms as much as they can while they are awake. They may have an aversion to having to be places because this takes them out of the expansiveness of the other realms, and forces them to be trapped in the slavery of linear existence.

If you have someone in your world that it is always difficult to keep on time, you may want to try scheduling them less activities and allow their day to be more free-flowing. Forcing a daydreamer to stay plugged into activities may be as cruel as forcing the lefty to write with the right hand.

If you want an example of this, try scheduling some activity for a football fan on Sunday. They are using the experience of the game to escape from their cell of linear enslavement for a little bit. It is cruel not to give them that time. That is one example. People should realize what their escape from linear imprisonment is and protect the sanctity of it. Perhaps it is a hobby or talent that one has allowed to slip away. Perhaps it is time to dust off an old skill and reclaim the expansiveness it allowed.

The imagination flows when it is unfettered with time. Time is the enemy of creativity. If you notice, anything good in the world is demonized; the do-gooder, tree hugger, bleeding heart. Someone who is tapping into their innate genius is demonized as well. They always have their head in the clouds. Or they are air headed. But what if they are the ones that are tapping into a higher truth? It is a truth so profound that it doesn’t even come to them in words. Truth comes in through osmosis so that it is difficult to articulate what is being conveyed. But the answer is there when you need it. 

Did you know that you don’t have to store all the answers to all the questions in your head?  You can tap into direct knowing and the answers will be there when necessary.   Of course you had to have a baseline of information but the answers can come even if you haven’t studied. This may seem unfathomable to some. But direct knowing is similar to storing all your answers in the cloud on the computer. Except the cloud in this case, has every answer to every question conceivable.

The way to test this is to ask the Universe a question that you don’t know. Attentively wait as the answer shows up in your world in some way. This entails that you consciously ask a question, get the ego out of the way and then pay attention to the answer. You must recognize the answer when it comes.  Some of you actually practice direct knowingness without even realizing it. When you watch a gameshow, Like Jeopardy, and know the answers to questions that you didn’t realize that you know.

People need to be allowed the spaciousness to explore their own inner realms and bring wisdom into this world to better it. All the answers to all the problems in the world are not found in a two thousand year old book. They are found in the depth of one’s own knowing. Awakening isn’t about jamming more information into the psyche. It is about removing one’s self from the need to jam the brain with facts and use all those intentions to open up all the portals of the heart.  

When children are very young, they are able to tap into the wisdom of the other worlds and bring it back. They are telling you of their past lives and your relationship together in a past life. They will say things like “When I was big” or use different names for people. You are losing a lot of good information if you discourage them from talking about things that sound silly in in the linear world. When you dismiss these things instead of asking questions, you are losing something precious. You may even be closing them off of the worlds of imagination and of their own genius.

People need to understand that we are no longer in the third dimension. We are in the fifth. The third dimension was one of enslavement, self-doubt and fear. The fifth dimension is all about self-discovery, expansiveness, interconnectedness, kindness, and truth. More and more we are learning about ways to expand our own empowerment. It is up to each individual to recognize the dregs of conditioning in themselves and overcome them. They way is love over fear. Love is way.

People taking a stand to vote is not really about the vote. It is important that we do that but the world is going to evolve regardless of politics. The Universe has provided us with a personification of all that is ugly and selfish in the world. It is like the whole world is in a dysfunctional relationship with power. The blinders are off for so many. And so many who were apathetic in life have realized that they have to make a choice. As we all come together against power, it is a means of showing us our own empowerment and bringing us all together as the collective. It isn’t them against us. It is love transcending fear.

We are so much more capable that we realize. When we spend more time in our inner realms, we will feel less need to control others. The control issue is a means to compensate and feel emboldened in a world that doesn’t provide much opportunity to be validated. But, the more that we all tune into the inner realms and bring the vibration of the inner truths to the physical world, the more we can realize how to purify the oceans, regenerate the planet, spontaneously heal, and validate every being in existence.

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How the Fifth Dimension is Different from the Third

We are all in the fifth dimension right now. It feels like we are still at the third because of the lack of awareness of mainstream. We are now all empowered. The reason that I am able to do such dynamic energy work and incredible healings is because I realize that this is the norm for the vibration of the fifth dimension. As more and more people get to this point, more dynamic feats will occur. Where in the third dimension, entropy would have things naturally fall to a chaos, the fifth dimension is different. Things naturally return to a balance at the fifth dimension.

More and more, you will see things being “discovered” that will naturally bring earth back to life. Recently there was a discovery about an enzyme that breaks down plastic into organic material and a way to shock the coral reefs back into flourishing. Both are part of the spontaneous healing of the planet that is happening. In a couple generations, perhaps they won’t realize how dire the situation was at the third dimension. Perhaps at the third dimension, power still reigns supreme. In fact, I am certain of it. But at the fifth dimension, people are self-governing and integrity, and truth are vital.

People are wondering why there can be so many people that are so clueless and easily manipulated by the power mongers in the world. Why do they not see the truth? Why do they enjoy the brutality of an unkind group mentality? They are the ones still awakening. They are operating at the third dimension vibration. They cannot handle the fifth dimension vibration yet. If fear is still prevalent in their makeup, then they gravitate more to the third dimension than the fifth.

In the fifth dimension, things are different. A lot of the things we did in the third dimension to thrive are not necessary. It will take a while for people to acclimate but not really because there is less enslavement to time here. There is little need for one to be bolstered by an outer group mentality. We all feel that interconnectedness and can tap into it at any time.

People will no longer be chained to barbaric practices of worship. In the fifth dimension, people will realize that we are all atoms in the face of God and we operate with that sense of morality and sincerity. We are here to assist each other as well as maintain our individuality. No longer are we pulled into dynamics, and situations that cause us to feel invalidated.

Those heavy psychic energies of manipulation and obligation have been dissipated. People do for others out of a sense of efficiency; in a way. It is easier to empower another than to feel the heaviness of them on the collective. In the fifth dimension, we all are in tune with the plight of others so it is important to us to uplift others for our own sense of health.

There is no wars over God or religions. Humans can finally realize that all paths boil down to love. They are no longer controlled by a mentality that has them have a pissing contest over their concepts of God. Does that sound silly that people do that? How silly that sounds is a gauge to whether you have a foot more in the third dimension or fifth. The God that everyone at the third is seeking is innately accessible through the stillness of one’s own calm.

It is inevitable to access it. It is your essence. It seems so silly that one cannot sit with themselves and feel that deep reverence from within. At the fifth it seems so silly to think of all the wars, erecting of monuments, out-besting others to feel validated was all a distraction from finding God. Those who sat out from those activities or suffered so much pain that they surrendered to life, found themselves smack into God where it always has been, in their own resolve. The practice of looking for God in someone else will evaporate. It will be more of a matter of meeting ourselves in all our interactions. The love will be the mainstay of all lasting dynamics.

At the fifth dimension, world peace is the most natural thing in the world. Power and control hold no merit and no one who desires them will maintain the vibration of the fifth dimension. Joy and contentment are in doing what one loves from the heart. People are so busy honing their own skills that they have no appetite or inclination to judge or take from others. We see this in pockets of people who are immersed in their talents and have found their individuality. In the fifth dimension, this is the norm. In the third dimension, these freaks of nature called genius have been preyed upon by the power factions. They seem like an empty versions of themselves with all their inspiration and uniqueness emptied out to drive a big company.

Children will no longer be treated as appendages and be manipulated and controlled. At the fifth dimension, they will be revered and tended like flowers of genius that are ready to bloom. The doting, loving parent of the third dimension was the precursor to this and actually assisted in raising the vibration of the world so we could get to the fifth dimension. All aspects of unconditional love have been an investment in getting humanity to the fifth dimension.

Healing is spontaneous. It is expected that we heal. Of course we heal. That is the mainstay of life. Just like a cut on the hand spontaneously regenerates, so does all of life. The arrogance of the human psyche to believe they need to insert themselves in the healing process of another and can take the individual away from their own inner connection with Source becomes obsolete. For the most part, everyone becomes their own healer.

They are able to follow the wires back to any situation or scenario that caused disease in the body and correct it. They can untangle their own wires. That is because the one life belief system that has been used to control the masses does not exist at the fifth dimension. Anyone who has figured this out for themselves is higher on the survival scale than others. In fact, perhaps a test in raising ones vibration to the fifth dimension is to be able to shed the skin of conformity that present religious beliefs and social conditioning represent.

Even the way we do things spiritually will shift. No longer will it be necessary for people to separate themselves from life. In fact, the best thing you can do is immerse yourself in life and maintain your balance. In this way, you uplift so many more through osmosis. Abstaining from foods, and activities, was a spiritual practice in the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, it is better to immerse yourself in the vibrations of everything and allow your purity to travel the vibrational lines of your desire and purify all along the way. It is a matter of living out of love or fear. Ask yourself the core question: “am I doing this for love or out of fear?’

If the answer is love you are on the right course. If what you do is fear based: afraid of going broke, afraid of being alone, afraid what others think, afraid of going to hell; then you are still immersed in the third dimension. Once you realize all war, judgment and hoarding and cruelty is motivated by fear, it may awaken you to choosing Love.

Many people resonate with most of what is written here. They are operating at the fifth dimension. Truth is being pumped into their psyche all the time. They don’t need to search for it or refute all that they have been programed to believe. Truth just shows up stronger than any conditioning. Those who are struggling with the fifth dimension are no one’s enemy, as hard as they try to conjure one up. They are merely still attached to the third dimension, and prolonging the inevitable. They are still sleepy and trying to pull the covers of conformity up over their head. It is okay. All is well. It is inevitable that we will all awaken to the fifth dimension just as surely as the dawn of a new day.

You might enjoy doing these SFT Taps: To Leave The Third Dimension Behind

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Balancing Your Life by Remembering Past Life Lessons

Balancing Your Life by Remembering Past Life Lessons

Our belief systems are formed by our experiences in past lives. A few years back I was very hard on myself because I was overly affectionate. I had this need to tell everyone that I loved them. One night I was shown a previous deathbed experience of mine that contributed greatly to this behavior.

I was a ten year old boy with doting parents. We were of a culture that wasn’t able to express feelings. It was very uncomfortable to do so. But the craving to express love was there. I was dying of some kind of influenza. I was in a cot in the kitchen of this little cabin. It was very difficult to not just pass away. I wanted to slip into the peace that I was feeling from the other side. But every time I came close, I felt the Love of my parents pulling me back into the body. It was very difficult to stay in that sick body. It felt similar to holding onto a rope for dear life.

I worshiped my father. He was everything to me. As I lay close to death, he came and sat by my bed. He was very uncomfortable as he folded his hat in his hands. My mother was obliquely observing our interaction. My strong father, who seemed invincible to me, was sitting next to me vulnerable and helpless. I broke protocol and told him, “I love you Da”. Hearing those words made him break down. I felt an instantaneous release of pressure.

Suddenly and sweetly I felt myself drifting away to a peaceful bliss. But in another instant, I felt a pull in my stomach and I was back in the harsh reality of the kitchen. My mother was washing something with such conviction. She seemed angry. She was angry with me. She had pulled me back from that serenity because she desperately needed to hear those words that I had said to my dad.

I tried to stay present, I tried to stay in that body long enough to give her what she needed. But it felt like the anchor, and I was hanging by a thread. The next instant I was permanently disconnected from that life as a boy. The lasting impression of that lifetime was my mother’s regret that she didn’t hear, “I Love You”, from me.

That experience was etched so deeply in me that I had wholly incorporated it into me and was compelled to express love in many circumstances, no matter how awkward and inappropriate. It was such a deeply felt experience that it was able to surface in this life. I was compelled to share any type of affection with another person because of the pain not doing so in a past life had caused.

I am still capable of expressing loving feelings all too easily, but now it is done without the compulsion. The past life understanding brought with it a balance. Now I operate from a more conscious place.

This is an example of releasing a past life memory to bring balance to present life behavior. This is part of what I help clients do in their sessions. They are sometimes able to release compulsions and live their life from a place of freedom. I believe my deep capacity to love has helped me hone this skill to assist others.


If this post resonates, check out Jen’s newest book Past Lives, Dreams and inspiration:

Past Lives Dreams and Inspiration book by Jen Ward

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