Attaining More Love

Love is the energetic force of the Universe.  The same attraction that romance writers and poets write about is the same force that Einstein writes about in his theory of relativity. Love literally makes the world go round.

The same force that drives our desires is the same force that holds each molecule together. The attraction that we feel for our mates is the same attraction that holds each atom of matter together. The quest for love is the glue that holds us together.

I was taught as a child that God is Love. I was also taught that God is everything.  With all my experience, these two beliefs have never been contested. But all my life experiences prove to me that everything is energy. Now I realize that everything IS Energy. It then so equates, to me, that if God is Love and God is everything; then God is Energy.

The same force that we all desire from our morning cup of coffee, The same force that we all go to the gym to enhance, the same force that we breathe into all of our chakras, the same force that we equate with loving another person, is one and the same.  Energy is Love, and love is God. We are all seeking it constantly; we just put different labels on it and compartmentalize it with our emotions and minds. Yet we are all seeking love.

If we didn’t compartmentalize, we would realize that everything we do is a means to get more energy, to get more Love, to get more God in our life. It can be called anything the mind construes but everything is still Energy. And everything is a quest for God.

If you want more Love in your life, consciously bring more energy into it. Everyone loves sunshine because it is a manifestation of pure energy. When you look at a sunny day, it is difficult to not be fed by it. That is why in ancient times, the sun was worshipped as God.

Here is a technique to breathe more love into your body and energize yourself. Perceive the world around you as being an ocean of love that you are submerged in. Did you ever try to fill an empty bottle under water? Once it’s submerged there is air trapped inside preventing it from filling up with water. This is what happens to us.

See yourself as an air filled bottle under water. The water is the love and energy that’s not getting in. See your chakras as having air bubbles over them preventing the love from gushing in. Visualize poking the bubbles of energy over the chakras. Feel the love energy rushing in to the body. If you begin to yawn, know that the technique is working.

Play with it. Visualize each mitochondria of every cell having an air bubble over it. Pop the bubble on every mitochondria of every cell. Sense the energy gush in. Imagine the cells of every organ lighting up as you do this. Scan your body for areas that need attention and do a similar visualization.

I believe this is a very powerful technique for self Healing. Use it for areas of mental and emotional stress as well. If you do something enough times, it becomes habit. This would be a good habit to get into. I believe that it will uplift the user in many intangible ways!