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Taylor Swift is a musical prodigy that blossomed into the young woman that we are all aware of in the media. I hear her get trashed for dating so many people and there’s a lot of belittlement of her music. I do not listen to her genre. But I like her energy. So I just tuned in to understand the bigger picture of her talent and fame. This is what I received.

Healers go through an array of experiences to have the compassion and understanding to assist all that come to them. They have this greater awareness of the plights of “man”. At any point in the process they could be pulverized, and so many are, but the Light Workers, Healers, and Inspirational leaders are the ones who make it out alive. They do so by their incredible capacity to love, give, discern and to cope. They do all this while not getting lost in their own story. Thriving through their own story is a major survival tool. No great healer, Light Worker or Inspiration EVER says, “poor me.”

Taylor writes about her breakups. Interesting. This is a huge part of what her songs are about. But….they are all an analogy of female energy. She is a young, vibrant analogy of empowered female energy. She is experiencing in her short life, all the trials and anguish of what female energy has endured at the hands of male energy. She is putting them to song as an anthem to the transcendence of female energy. In fact, her songs are assisting in the shift of the world from male dominance to an acceptance of female empowerment. They are also torch songs for an empowered woman.

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