Another Cat Goes Home



Hello Jen,


I have waited a couple of days to give you an update on our missing cat James because I felt that a brief thank you note wouldn’t be appropriate enough.


7 days after you did the emotional release on the cat, he made it home ! All by himself !


There he was on Sunday morning, sitting in front of my son’s bedroom !


He was injured, as soon as he saw our faces, he must have felt a big relief (so did we !)


The vet was able to do surgery on him on Sunday, He lost his tail that area was too much infected.


I have been reading all your messages the last few months, every time I read something truly inspiring that is resonating 100% with who I am, it is usually yours !


That is why I felt in my heart that you were the one that could help our furry friend find his way back home and help my son as well as he was really depressed by the disappearance of his favorite cat.


We followed your advice and kept sending our love and positive thoughts to the cat, we asked the trees to tell the birds and all the other animals in the neighborhood ! We just let nature do her work ! I told you before that  I felt the emotional release too because I was ready to accept it and  allow it to work !


A few days ago while I was petting James, I got a déjà-vu and at that time I realized what this situation has brought us.  A bigger understanding of our wonderful universe that will always respond to our faith and love. Jen, you opened a door and we were ready to step in ! What I was doing all these years was trying to understand it with my mind but now I felt it in my heart !


I’m searching which one of your packages I am going to subscribe to in July or august so we can amplify the love and help others in need !  Hope to see you soon !!!


You are an amazing being, I am so grateful !





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