You Don’t Own a Pet, You Are Entrusted With Someone’s Well Being. When interacting with your pet, realize that everything you imprint on them, whether kindness or indifference, will reflect in your pets future incarnations.
Talk to your pet. They get the gist of what you are saying
Don’t tell their business to others, they appreciate a sense of privacy and may feel violated or embarrassed easily.
Please stop telling their sad tale. They live in the moment. When you talk about their sad rescue, you force them to relive it. It is cruel.
Please don’t make fun of them or call them names. You are responsible for what they carry into their next incarnations. Are you going to send them along with scars or self-confidence.
Please don’t compare them to ones who have crossed. Each one is their own person. It is a lot of pressure to live in the shadow of someone else.
When you adopt a new pet, please explain you are their forever home and mean it. Animals aren’t disposable. The first question an animal asks when it has been sent from place to place is ” Can I stay?”
If you contemplate re-homing a pet because of a behavioral issue, they will know that and it will exacerbate the behavior. Most behavioral issues are on the part of the human for not understanding how to validate their pet.
Pets look to their humans for subtle cues. They react when their people reacts. The more calm their people is, the more calm they tend to be. If your pet’s behavior causes you to react, your pet will react to your reaction. That is how it goes.
When walking a pet, realize that that time is THEIRS not yours. They use that time to interact with others through sniffing. It is like you reading a magazine to relax. Please don’t be selfish and pull them through the walk out of impatience. If you want a confident pet, allow them this time and get used to their pace. Don’t pull them by the neck to your pace.
Pets value their possessions. They give them a sense of security and self-identity. Please respect their items and don’t pull them away from them like they don’t care. They do.
Your furry family enjoys a routine. It gives them a sense of security. They enjoy loving interaction. The more respectful of your pet you are, the more relaxed they will be.
Don’t allow children to use pets as a toy. If they pick up your pet when the pet is not engaged, show the child how that is feeling. When they are engaged in a project, pick THEM up and show them how irritating it is to be interrupted. Then gently explain that that is what they have been doing to kitty and that is why kitty runs away.
Make yourself accessible to your pet at their level. If they are not allowed in your bed, get down on the floor with them once in a while. That bonding time is so important. It helps them feel more like family and less disconnected.
Dogs HATE to be separated from their pack. Realize that dogs don’t know that they are safe when you put them in the back yard by themselves. They don’t understand human boundaries. So they may feel exposed and vulnerable to the world. That is why they may be barking or anxious. They don’t understand that they are safe when they are is a yard; even if it is fenced in. It can be really scary for them.
Your relationship with your pet can be a reflection of your relationship with yourself. The better you treat your pet, the more you are reflecting self-love to yourself. In this way. loving your pet is very healing.
Pets love and forgive. It is what they do. It is your job to allow them to love and not put them in a position to need to forgive.
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