Angels of the World

In the Timelessness of Heaven many of the strongest Souls volunteer to come to earth to bring Love and Peace to the world.  The only tool they bring with them is their capacity to love.

They incarnate into families that are torn apart by dysfunction. They may take the brunt of horrific anger and abusive humiliation.  They endure with unrelenting compassion.  They may be raped, violated, and humiliated but never lose touch with their ability to love.

What they may not remember is that they may have made an agreement. They, like a million other special souls, agreed to incarnate in a close proximity to someone who is plagued by horrendous anger. They absorb the anger so that it doesn’t scorch the earth. Their assignment is simply to give love and endure.

They are actually the strong souls that love so completely that the verbal and physical abuse that’s sustained, doesn’t crush their spirit. These special souls never see themselves as victims. Usually they are riddled with guilt for not being able to control outer circumstances more.

They save many others from being the brunt of cruelty and anger.  They take it because they are capable. They endure, survive and fulfill their life’s purpose.  All over the world, they allow others to collectively experience peace because of their loving sacrifice.

This is the case with many of my clients. They are the most beautiful, selfless, majestic beings I have ever met. Although at first glance, it may not appear so.  They may seem dysfunctional themselves, with a crutch or two. But their time here has been anything but a waste.  They are fulfilling a sacred mission. And if they’re ever able to slough off the trauma and degradation they’ve endured, they may be able to realize themselves as the gifted Healer.

Are you one of these Souls?