Allow Your Atoms to Dance!

Words like abuse, hate, broke, cancer and cursing have a very low vibratory rate. Words like Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Happiness have a high vibratory rate. Every thing we say determines whether our atoms sink or dance. We choose.

We have all experienced traumas. That is the way we learn to thrive. We learn to thrive by outlasting and “out-loving” abuse. Some people need to release the energy of these experiences by venting. It is a step in the process. But when the venting becomes habitual and it is difficult to be around them, it is time to suggest professional help and step away. They are in a mind loop that all the sympathy in the world will not mend.

To continue to be around second-hand abuse (abuse that has happened to others but they keep referencing in conversation) is a form of self-abuse. one needs to take care of their own needs first so that they can stay centered in the love. Staying centered is the way to access infinite Joy and Love. It is vital to stay centered. Protect your center at all costs. Be an advocate for you.

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