Alleviating a Bad Temper

I facilitated a session with a woman who had a very bad temper. It was so much a part of her that she was almost proud of it. In her session, the reason for it opened up.

In her past life she was a strong vibrant warrior who was chained in a dungeon at the prime of his life. He was very frustrated. He was torn from his people and his family and dignity. He became a maniacal ball of rage that went insane in that dungeon. This is the place that the woman would “go” when ever she felt slighted.

In her session, we went to the her from the past and calmed him down. We took off his chains and freed him. We washed his body, healed his wounds and fed, shaved and clothed him. We educated him and gave him a comfortable home where he could rest. We gave him a wife and loving children and activities that he enjoyed.

In freeing this man, we were validating a very deep aspect of herself that felt the need to bubble to the surface in the present to get its needs met. She no longer needed to do that. The frenzy inside her was dissipated when the warrior was freed.

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