Affinity for All Life


  • Are you an animal lover who wishes you could understand how to communicate with them better?
  • Do you struggle with your relationship with your pets?
  • Do you wonder what your pet is really telling you and why they don’t seem to listen to you?
  • Do you worry about what will happen when your pet’s short life cycle comes to an end and you have to part?
  • Are you a pushover for animals?

Affinity for all life helps the reader understand the way to understand your pet and all animals.
It reminds the reader that we are all part of the animal kingdom and understanding our pets isn’t about them listening to us but about us listening to them.
Reawaken to that primal ability to connect to any animal.
Learn how love and kindness are the conduit into understanding any animal and realize how little difference there really is between us and them in regards to love and compassion.

The Miracle of You Excerpt

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