I am a good person right? I help people and I have some good insights. But I am very hard on people who diminish themselves or others. So much so, that some watch what they say to me in trepidation that I will point out the limited caliber of their verbiage. I Am just trying to help. Really. It would be easier to say nothing.

I experienced a freak accident yesterday. I was at the home of a friend and I used the small downstairs bathroom without turning on the light. I smashed my face into the counter. How does that happen?

In the pain, I asked myself (my Guides) why this had occurred. They replayed a scenario of my drive to my friend’s house. I was in traffic, waiting to make a turn into the shopping center. I had the clearing to go amidst miles of traffic except for one slow car that was coming towards me. They were so slow, that by the time they passed, I had missed the opportunity to make my turn.

I was going to visit a sick friend. I was bringing them gifts. I was going to the pet store to bring high quality food to their cat so it could lose some much-needed weight. I am a good person. But in that moment, I cursed at the slow driver. They were just in my way. My behavior was unacceptable. And the smash in my mouth showed me how unacceptable my behavior was.

Bad Mouth

Watch your words!

I released the anger I had put on the driver and as an added penance, the Universe nudged me to share this inconsistency in my intention with the world. My behavior towards the driver was not in keeping with the highest intention I put out there. I was given a reminder.

So if anyone is out there,

cursing others and thinking it is okay because you don’t know them. Or thinking it’s okay because you are generally a good person. Or because you didn’t mean it in the overall scheme of things. Just make certain that when you visit your friend and use their bathroom; that you turn on the light.

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