A Possible Cause and Relief of Fibromyagia


The following is a passage from the Daily Letters of Accord that I share with anyone who wishes to receive them. They are mostly private because I consider them a message from the heart of truth to the reader’s heart. In today’s letter, I was given the intangible reason for fibromyalgia and why the sufferers are in their own private hell. Because an aspect of themselves is literally in hell. If the following information helps anyone, then it was worth sharing. If you try this technique, I will be assisting you in your desired results; regardless of whether we know each other or not.

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There are people who are on earth today that think of this life as a constant hell. Part of them energetically actually is still in hell. Remember those puritanical depictions of a fiery existence of brimstone? Those depictions couples with fear and deep devotion created a landing site in the afterlife that matched those hopeless scenarios. It is where many have gone who believed that is where they belonged. There are many people alive today who have a subtle aspect of themselves burning still in a fiery hell forever. They created it because it is what they were taught.

I have rescued clients who created this fate for themselves in a past life as they crossed over. Perhaps those that are dealing with fibromyalgia are those who still have an aspect of themselves burning in a perpetual pit of hell. Perhaps as we all come to terms with a higher consciousness, these subtle fates that we created in a past existence are playing out in our present life.

Because what is happening now in the world is all our past lives and experiences are coming together in the same time and space of the present moment. We are no longer going to be having all these parallel existences. We are all coming together in the moment of now. That is what the energetic shift entails.

Perhaps a way to deal with the incredible pain of fibromyalgia is to get a sense of whether a part of yourself is suffering in an eternal hell that you were sentenced to in a past life. It would have been a reality you created as you crossed over in correlation with your belief system of the time. If so, the way to end your physical suffering is to end the emotional suffering of you in a past reality.

See yourself suffering in an eternal hell. Sense your anguish and hopelessness. Then simply, with your pure intention, do what I have done for some clients. With you visualization skills go into the experience and simply pluck yourself out of the hell you were experiencing energetically.

Cool yourself off, nurture that aspect of you, perhaps apply a loving balm to it. Heal it. Then simply place it back within your own body and feel the completion, peace and the deep serenity of having it returned. You may very well end the suffering that you have endured in your physical skin. Doctors have not found a cause. Perhaps this is it.

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