A New Take On Relationships

What if everyone looked at relationships from a totally different vantage point? What if all people always saw themselves as a whole sovereignty and the only reason for being with someone was to provide the energy balance to keep them centered. People who are really masculine would find someone very feminine to balance them and vice verse. What if that was the only thing we expected of our mate and everything else was gravy?

And to maintain balance, when our partner who is usually passive, gets an inkling to be the polar opposite. What if that was the only agreement that was needed between the two; to maintain a balance in your interactions.

What if all the cards, compliments, cuddling, giving of space, making us feel special, spending quality time, listening to our stories, supporting our projects, stroking our ego, being the provider, being the nurturer, raising the children are all ways to teach each other to find their individual balance. Wouldn’t it be great freedom to be able to assist each other on a very deep level without keeping a score card? What if it is all about the balance?

There is no cookie cutter way to walk the spiritual path. Maybe if we looked at our partnerships as an extension of our spiritual journey, we would more easily be able to maintain our balance when our partners do not perform in a typical way.

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