A Demonstration in Tough Love

Some people use their “story” to illicit sympathy. It is the pay off that they may get for what they have gone through. But sympathy resonates at a low-frequency level. It is like sweet syrupy energetic molasses. It tastes good but then it keeps the person stuck and wanting more.

I see greatness in everyone. To give them sympathy discredits their awesomeness. I use a harsh tone to cut through the inertia that sympathy creates. It may seem brutal but it is a form of incredible Love to do so. The tone is like an energetic knife to help them get free.

Their pain is valid but if reliving it was a means of getting rid of it, they would already be free. Here is an exchange in using this. I truly believe that giving people sympathy is sometimes detrimental to them. Only the heart knows when it is appropriate.


Jen, I am an incest survivor, and I have the feeling that a lot of the anger towards my father – not having balance with my abusers, it is not fair for me to direct this stuff towards him.

It is not fair to direct it to anyone You feel like you have a great purpose in being a victim.

He lied to me about a bunch of stuff, and then the grand finale was abandoning me.

I don’t care about what he did to you. You use it to get sympathy and to keep yourself from being dynamic.

Understood. It’s okay. I hold on to stuff waaaaay badly, I know it. Even physically.

You are hurting yourself by telling me and other people about it. It is like your golden ticket. You have used it to get sympathy and validation. I am just explaining how and why you hold on to it.

I am listening.

It serves you by making you feel special But it works against you. What would really make you special is letting go of it all.

Ah….. It all feels sickening to me.

You are right there, right on the precipice of letting it all go. It is sickening for me, an empath to have to hear it, but that does not stop you because it is not you who fosters this false pride in being a victim. It is the ego.

I will let go. I am willing to surrender the need to be angry, enraged….the worst of all is being frightened and grieving. It is terrible, and I am so tired.

You know you wouldn’t have come to me unless you really wanted to be rid of it. Keep telling yourself it is terrible and it will be. Go to a past life.

Yes, I am having a hard time right now. I am an empath, too, but not in “control” of it, so I am being hurt…

Go to the life when you raped the innocence of your abuser. Go to when you put that into motion. Go to how horrible it was to rape a child.

Go to how you wanted to figure out the pain of that so you did field study on yourself to experience what you had done. Take the horrific feeling of abusing the child and meld it with the experience of being abused. See that as equally distasteful.

I was told that I was a ruler in ancient China, and I wasn’t doing the abusing, but I knew about it and didn’t stop it…

I don’t care what someone else told you. DO what I am asking you to do now Don’t deflect with second-hand information. Take the two experiences as one instance and experience them together. It will cancel them out and you will be left with a nothingness, freedom that you don’t remember from this lifetime.

How do I “go to” the experience?

Stand back from your pain now like it was happening to someone else but still recognize it as you and mock up the other scenario with equal intensity.

So, imagine raping a child, and also being raped as a child?

Yes. With equal disgust and intensity



I wondered if I could ask you about something very bizarre (an energetic) that’s been going on…..Appropriate? I believe that it ties in and it is something that has been driving me crazy…

I know it is intense but it is better than dropping it on others. This should clear that up.

Okay but then I will have to leave you because you are wearing me out.

I am willing to surrender all of this stuff. This bs is ruining my life and I know I have been holding on to it.
About four years ago, I created a perfect (shit) storm, and please pardon my foul language, but it is accurate….

Yeah please don’t use foul words with me. It is a form of control and effect.

Okay, I apologize. And here I will say, I know about a LOT of this stuff, I am an initiate in a spiritual teaching for many,many years now….

If you are an empath you would not want to dump those emotions on others. I am being intentionally hard on you to assist.

Ah…have wondered about that. I have been working on THIS also, for many years…yikes. Lots about trying not to come from power, for me this lifetime.

Then stop giving power your attention. Only love.

…you see, the power stuff is subconscious and very well disguised.

No it isn’t. It is very obvious. Still being hard on you to shift you.

Oh, okay. I wish you lived near me or vice versa, lol. My boot-camp Sarge. Thank You.

See your ego indulging in this. Just state your question.

Anyway….I am under a lot of stress because those years back with my (then) husband, I was completely frustrated, and lost my discipline….had a HUGE crying, swearing fit (in front of my poor dogs,) I was swearing, ANYHOW…I unleashed havoc and some very negative energies…. I was also at the same time psychically attacked…. Yes, sorry, too long….

Yes. Just ask the question. You are manipulating me.

I have been having problems with mites for over four years. It is bizarre.

Okay why didn’t you say that in the beginning?


The question about mites. You gave me a whole song and dance to draw it out.

Oh, thought you needed the causation, (background)?

It is very very simple. No. It is bullshit.

Okay, listening.

I would have known from that one sentence.

Oh. And wow. And thank God.

The mites are reflective of what you do to others.

LOL how come you get to swear? Listening again. WOW. What I do to others….LISTENING.

Because I am using it to help you and you are playing games with me energetically. You are not respecting my help but holding me captive. That is what the mites are.

I am not aware I am doing this, Jen.

I know. That is why I am telling you. But you are. You are all loving and kind but you bite others very subtly with your victim consciousness and your little snippets of anger. Just enough to make them uncomfortable and not know how to remedy it.

Oh my God.

The mites are a reflection of the way you are with others. If you are doing it to me you are doing it with others. You are very savvy at manipulating people into liking you and agreeing with you and then you bite them with your story.

I thought it was me bugging people with advice.

Nope. It is a lesson for you.

Bite them with my story, even if it is unspoken?

Scan all your interactions and see what I am saying.


You see? The mites are the Universe making you feel as helpless, in the same way you have done to others.

Sitting here with my hand across my mouth…

You are so amazing with your gifts and this is not the way to show up to help them. How helpful would my page be if I talked about how I was starved nearly to death and tortured for a year and for it to be in every conversation. You should be helping people.

I thought it was a test so I wouldn’t kill myself this lifetime…so funny what we come up with for answers when we don’t know what the heck…or won’t let ourselves know…I believe that I do…groan….

You know what it is like to feel helpless and abused why would you not do EVERYTHING in your power to help others not feel this way instead of pinning them down and nipping them with snippets of your past?

Yes. I stay mostly to myself when I am not working…I think inwardly I have been protecting myself and others from me….

The way to protect yourself is to be so dynamic that you raise your vibrations so nothing can touch you!

So this could ALL be about not horrifying people with my past, or getting their sympathy? Okay….SO DYNAMIC. This is the call to TOTALLY lay down the victim consciousness.

YES! That is the bullshit. Fusing it in after opening them up with your ability to get them to trust you. That is you being the abuser NOW to souls who are open to you.

Is it a way to take people’s energy on my part? It perpetuates abuse. OH MY GOD.

Yes in a sense yes. You are wounding them and then eliciting sympathy.

Yaaargh………..YES. Because why waste this…I have had FOUR YEARS of this stuff. It is so much better now, Jen but all I will say is that it has been a trial of biblical proportion……. I’m thinking a somewhat altered vow of silence…

NO altered! Just silence. Everything is to uplift or assist no gratuitous crap.

I am listening. I am willing to surrender that which no longer serves the Good of the Whole. I have no other desire than to move on. (LOL and not have mites on my clothing, in my hair….)

See you still are talking about the mites though!! STOP IT! No negative word. Talk about the opposite! Catch yourself every time!

OKAY OKAY OKAY!!!! Just alter my behavior for this to cease??

TRANSCEND the behavior of the petty self. Thoughts too are still the petty self


True Thanks.

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