A Call for Help in the Night

In the middle of the night, a while back, this baby communicated to me from the neighbor’s upstairs window. It was like it woke me up and called to me from the night and asked for help. I had never met it nor had even met the family, but it was asking for help.

The next day, by “coincidence”, I was walking with my dog and the family of both parents, a preschooler and the baby were taking a walk. The baby obviously had medical issues. The couple was very nice, they mentioned that the preschooler was in the autism range and got special tutoring. They didn’t know how affected he was yet. He didn’t interact with others and only responded a bit with them.

Since the baby asked for help I did something that I don’t usually do, I stated I was a healer and could I try to help by doing a “release” on him. (release, meaning remove stagnant energy that is affecting his well-being). I worked on the boy. He didn’t like it but I continued with the parents permission. I didn’t get to work on the baby right then but I had made an impact. Could this baby have asked for help for her brother the whole time?

After that, I saw the couple outside with the kids almost every day. They reported that the boy showed a huge improvement after that day. He was even going to be acclimated into regular preschool. I also got to work on the baby many times. She had a special feeding tube and many health issues. Every time I got a nudge, I would go out and do a little more work with them. Her quality of life seemed to improve as well.

One day I got a huge reward when this little boy came over to me and had a conversation with me. He was interacting on his own. It was a huge confirmation of the work.

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