You, As a Tree of Life

Trying to be empowered in a group is similar to a tree growing in a greenhouse. For a very long time it can thrive with ample sunlight, water and nutrients. But once that the branches start hitting the glass ceiling, they will start to grow into themselves. The branches and trunk will start to twist and distort unless they break free.

This is true of individuals as well. It is time for all of us to break free of all limitations. That is what mass enlightenment entails. It is essential that individuals withdraw all their energy from maintaining archaic structures. This is how the tree of life; humanity; can unfurl itself and be free. You matter way more than you realize.

Just like each acorn holds the blueprint of being a mighty oak, you, and me and all individuals hold the same blueprint, as do all the great inspirational beings that have ever walked the land.  To hold the belief that you aren’t worthy, is like never allowing yourself to take root. Each person has an obligation to grow, inspire, be nurtured and participate. Our tears, pain, trials and thwarted attempts are not failures. They are merely the cycle of fallen leaves that add richly to the soil of life.

We, in ourselves are a victory. The glory is not in reaching the great heights but in the thriving to reach those heights. We can never stop trying or become too apathetic to care. Because the gaining of our greatness is in the trying. Succeeding is subjective. The joy of being is Universal. DSCN5247

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