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About Jen

Jen Ward, LMT,is a Reiki Master. She is an intuitive, a gifted healer and an innovator of healing practices. She is at the leading edge of energy work; providing a loving segue for her techniques to clients, enabling them to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her.

Her passion is to empower the individual in their own healing journey so that they can remain in their center every step of the way.

While attending the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, she was first introduced to energy work. Soon It became second nature for her to identify and remove energy blockages from clients. She is highly proficient at tuning into an individual’s specific needs to release their issues allowing their own body to make the energetic changes necessary to return to a greater sense of ease. Her ability to pick up different modalities as second nature is another aspect of her profound gifts.

Jen is considered a sangoma, which is a traditional African Shaman who channels their ancestors emoting sounds and vocalizations in their ceremonies. An interesting prerequisite to being a sangoma is to have survived being at the brink of death. When Jen was first approached with the knowledge of being a sangoma, she had not yet fulfilled the prerequisite. However, in April 2008 she came back to society on the brink of starvation as a result of traumatic involuntary imprisonment, the qualification had been fulfilled. She returned to the world of humanity, a devout soul inspired to serve.

Her special abilities have also allowed her to innovate a revolutionary technique for finding lost pets by performing emotional release on the animal. Using this method, she has successfully reunited many lost pets with their owners.

Jen currently works as a long-distance emotional release facilitator, public speaker and consultant to high end clientele including celebrities, high end professionals and professional athletes. Her special modality encompasses a holistic overview of her clients from all vantage points, including their physical, emotional, causal and mental areas. This ultimately benefits every aspect of their life; including: work, home, family and spiritual life.