Which is More Noble; Veganism or Pro-life?

It is not a linear issue. I can see the justification in both sides. So for me, it boils down to intention. When one carries a noble intention towards all of life, then they will be guided by the highest directive; which comes from within the depth of their own beingness.

I have had an abortion. My guides showed me the Akashic records of the child, and my own, if I adamantly chose to have him. His father was a juvenile delinquent and I was shown that he was a karmic bond with the father and not so much with me. He would use me up and cause the world great hardship.

I desperately wanted a child. But not that one. I followed my inner directive as early in the pregnancy as possible. It was too early for a functioning cognitive brain to have grown. I am just being honest. I had no viable means for support so if I would have had this child, I would have been taking from the welfare system for many years and then society would have been paying for the rest of his life while he was in prison. This I saw. I feel a moral responsibility to society as well as myself. I stand by my choice and have never regretted not agreeing to this fate.

I also feel the love and awareness of plants. They tell me many things about how we limit ourselves with linear thinking. In nature, plants and animals continue having consciousness melded with the host that ingested them. But Humans, through their limited awareness negate such connection between themselves and the life forms that they eat.

Animals and plants realize that they do not die but merely transform again and again. They are always immersed in the love and life through their awareness. It is humans that live a sort of death because of their lack of awareness and indifference. We are considered the species with the disadvantage amongst all other species.

I hope it serves someone, that I share this. There is so much love and benevolence in nature that the disregard for others, even their predators is not an issue. It is such a beautiful way of being. As it is now, people are energetic cannibals. If people could stop being stuck in the mindset of primal predators the world would be so better off. The world would balance out in a beautiful way.

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