When it Comes to a Pet, Let Love Choose For You

Here is some advice for people who may want an addition to the family but may not know how to choose.

The first rule is: Don’t let fear decide by default.

There are some people that love cats but are afraid of the litter box.

Great strides have been made in litter box technology to make it easy to have a cat in the house without odor or mess. The litter box doesn’t have to be a deterrent.

Stop believing the excuse you have made up to prevent you from getting a pet:

Many people tell themselves a story of why a pet is better off without them. They actually believe that they are not capable of giving a pet a loving home. This is a lie they tell themselves many times to prevent themselves from opening up to Love. They believe it, but it is still a form of feeling unworthy. This unworthiness manifests as a bunch of reasons they can’t have a pet. They can think up many excuses. But that is the lie. Challenge each excuse and it will come up to not be consequential. Love can always prevail.

One excuse that people believe is that they won’t have time for a pet.

These people are the perfect pet parents because they have taken the consideration to think of what is in the pet’s best interest! Cats and some breeds of dogs are really self-sufficient. A regular feeding schedule and a knowing that you will be there with them routinely, is a tremendous form of Love in itself. I am not implying that one doesn’t have to interact with their pet. What I am saying is that once someone makes space in their life by deciding to get a pet, their priorities will slightly shift to accommodate the extra love and a little bit of duty.

Another excuse that I hear all the time is that people don’t have a backyard to tie the dog up into.

I find that a plus. Of course some breeds want to be outside a lot. If someone is a sedentary person, I would not recommend a spaniel or another breed that needs to run. But dogs don’t like to be tied up away from their owners. That is why they cry and bark. They are pack animals and it is a punishment for them to be outside alone. Some of them feel very vulnerable and insecure being put in that position.

What I have found is that pets from the shelter make the best grateful additions to the home.

They have done hard time, and it has opened then up to the ways of the world. They are grateful for a new home. When I did volunteer work as an animal communicator for shelter dogs I learned the one question that they most likely ask their new parents is, “How long am I going to get to stay this time?’ They really wanted to know the owner was their forever family and that they belonged.

When picking out a dog at the shelter, realize that the ones that don’t come up to greet you may be numb from the experiences and lack of care. They may need a little more coaxing out of their shell but they may be well worth the effort. People say you shouldn’t listen to your heart when picking out a shelter dog. I disagree. I think your heart is exactly the right thing to listen to.

Some dogs that have behavior issues may have them out of frustration at being invalidated.

The shelter dogs that I have adopted, had issues because they didn’t know the rules or were treated subpar. It only took a couple days for me to realize what the issues were and how to rectify the problems. Usually kindness was the remedy. One severe licking problem dried up instantly with my present girl because she gets stressed lying on the floor. The fact that I don’t mind her on the couch was all she needed to relax and heal from the trauma of being treated like a common dog.

Some pets are incarnating as very sensitive and highly developed souls.

I believe some of them incarnate specifically to be with a particular human and once that human is found, it is incredible love and loyalty between them. So when you start looking for that furry family member, ask the Universe to send you the best fit.

And if you wake up one morning with an urge to have a certain pet or look for a certain new family member, it may be someone you love in the future, calling to you in the present. I have found one of my most beloved family members, by waking up from a dream and following the clues that led me to finding him in a cage in a basement; Just like my dream had shown him to me.

Listen to your gut feeling or nudges when it comes to finding your pet.

Pay attention when to get the feeling to check out a shelter or hear about someone looking for a home. There are common sense issues to think about but anyone will tell you those. What I advise is looking at the one that you are thinking of adopting and see if you can really see them in your home and see yourself loving them. There is no better gauge than your own ability to know Love.

And when you do get discouraged and overwhelmed through the adjustment period, recognize it as you being stretched in your capacity to love. Some day you may realize that the same behavior or issue that overwhelmed you is irrelevant once the love bond is secured.