What would Dr. Seuss Say?

dr seuss

You think I am “There”
And you are here
But you are there
There is here
We are here
Here is now
We are in
The Here and Now

You think I’m great
And you are small
That makes no sense
No sense at all
How can it be?
When I am “you”
We are the same
Just one
Not two

 As a fact,
We are all one
It’s always been
Since life begun
We are not separate
You and me
We are the same
We are the “we”

The world is made
Of one big “we”
We span the globe
This we that’s me
When you are hurt
We feel the same
We cry and stomp
And give out blame

We defend ourselves
Exhaust our wits
Stomp about
In angry fits
But when we perch
To strike a blow
Then is the time
We need to know

When we hurt them
We hurt the “we”
I hurt you
You hurt me
Let’s turn the tables
On this game
Disarm the drones
And refrain

When you want
To hate yourself
See me crying
On a shelf
When you want
To say you’re bad
You’ve just been “had.
The hate you give…
To your “me”
Is the plight
Of the
Universal we

If you want to
Heal the All
Crumble that
Inner wall
The wall that says
You cannot be
Happy, free

Jen Ward 1/5/14

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