What it Takes to Feel Pretty

Recently I facilitated a session with a beautiful, talented fourteen year old girl who started acting out. She is loved and nurtured by two responsible parents. But she started to smoke, and experiment with alcohol and pot. To so many, it would be dismissed as growing pains. But her mother was alarmed.

When I tuned into the child, I saw horrific images of a possible future. I alluded to them with the mother. The mother, who is very intuitive, said that she felt a similar fate may be looming in store. They were images of her being trafficked. It scared the mother enough to schedule an emergency session for her daughter.

The daughter who had become defiant with her mother agreed to have a session with me. I facilitated it in person. I asked her about the boy who was influencing her. She had played down the relationship with him to her mother but they had a strong psychic connection from a past life. It was confusing her. She knew he wasn’t a good person to be around but she couldn’t seem to help herself. It was very strong. Because of him, she was compelled to do things that her innocent life of fourteen years had no possible reason to support. She was very confused and was suffering at a deep level.

I saw her dynamic with this boy through other lifetimes. In a past lifetime, he was her pimp. She had been broken to his will in many lives. She had a string of horrific lifetimes that involved giving her power over to him. I led her through some taps that resonated at a deep level to her. I was tough on her but I was interrupting a deeply ingrained pattern.

I release pissing away my childhood, in all lifetimes.
I release being bought and sold many times over, in all lifetimes.
I release the trauma of being a sex slave, in all lifetimes.
I release having Stockholm Syndrome, in all lifetimes.
I release being physically and energetically raped, in all lifetimes.

I also went through the whole protocol of releasing her dynamics with the boy who was influencing her. I closed up her energy to him and retrieved all her attributes that he had taken from her. She was starting to feel like things could be better.

Without her telling me, I told her things that her mother didn’t even know. I told her how I know how she dreads going to school because the people she sees in school were all a part of those lifetimes of degradation. I told her how she doesn’t see how pretty she is and has trouble looking in the mirror. I told her how I know how she feels incredible pressure at trying to seem normal when she feels so empty and shameful inside.

I saw lifetimes that went deeper than the depraved lifetimes of sexual debauchery. I saw her being strapped down and locked up. I saw her in a straight jacket. I uncovered a secret that was causing her great inner conflict. I told her that I knew she felt like she was going crazy. But that was a reality bleeding through from the past. It was not her fate this life. She broke down in relief.. I also called her on the pressure she was feeling to seem normal. In a past life, she was slightly off and it terrified her that she would be considered crazy because of it. She did end up being locked up in that lifetimes. That was a huge concern bleeding through in this life.

I release the pressure to appear normal, in all lifetimes.
I release the fear of being crazy, in all lifetimes.
I release feeling imprisoned, in all lifetimes.
I remove everything that is interfering with my Joy, in all lifetimes.

Because of these kinds of lifetimes, people feel like they are unworthy. But there is always a core belief that is compelling the experiences that we have. In a past lifetime, she dabbled in the occult and gave her allegiance to the devil. After that, she felt damned. She created a string of lifetimes of depravity out of her guilt for her ingrained belief that she had sold her soul to the devil. We released all of those issues as well.

I release selling my soul to the devil, in all lifetimes.

As we went through the whole protocol with her and the devil, I felt her energy shift. Her physical appearance lightened. I told her that she was going to be able to see herself as pretty now. She dismissed me as if it wasn’t possible. As we finished the taps, i was so excited to see her look in the mirror. What we were doing in the session was really resonating with her but she couldn’t think she could possibly see herself as pretty.

“Do you see how pretty you are?” I asked.

The Joy and light in her beautiful little face was priceless. She took a moment.

“Yes! I see it,” she said.

We high-fived and hugged. We had just shifted the whole path of her life. She would now be able to feel her own joy and embrace the gifts that this lifetime held for her. She had prayed to be helped for many lifetimes. Her prayers were answered. All the issues that she was holding in like a powder keg were addressed, validated and explained. Finally, she can enjoy her innocence.

It was a good session.

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