What is it like to have a session with me?

It is difficult to describe what transpires in a session. Sometimes it feels like an extension of what is explained in A Course in Miracles. It feels like in a session, I stand in the center of this calm place of healing and knowingness and I invite the client into that place.

In the Center, there is an overview of the client in their natural state of peace. I then point out the issues that have been a reoccurring theme in many of their lifetimes. I use the images that I see to create very specific EFT taps for the person. By repeating a specific statement while tapping the cranium, the person is actually shifting their own energy into alignment with a universal peace, which is their natural state.

For example, if someone is afraid of having their neck touched, I may get a sense of the causes. I would describe to them the scenarios where they were decapitated or hung. This sounds very scary in itself. But that is because it may be relevant. They are carrying around the fear of these past times. We just bring the fear to the surface and I am able to draw the energy out of the person and dissipate it into white light.

After the energy is dissipated, then the person is able to shift their whole essence from fear to peace. The EFT taps  start out as simple as, “I release my fear of being decapitated, in all lifetimes”.  The more relevant a statement is, the harder it is for a person to say them. Once they are completed, it is amazing that most people get an immediate sense of relief. Clients get comfortable with the process in a short period of time.

There are many more aspects than just the Shifting of the energy that happen during a session. It feels like all who come to me are looking to be connected to their own spirituality. Many times a client says they were praying or meditating and their answer was to come have a session with me.

I know what I do is Profound and the reason I was put on this planet. I have never met someone who does what I do. I am sure they are out there but I haven’t met anyone who works so deeply with the totality of the person as I do. There was an instance where I got a sense of my work but it was in an unconventional means.

I found out that this man I went to high school with had died recently of a brain tumor. After his passing, his wife was left a letter from him that she shared with a lot of people on face book. This man who was pretty conventional started having dreams with this spirit guide or angel. This being led him through all the lessons of his life and helped him resolve a lot of his issues.

The man was pulled more and more into these dreams that started to happen even when he was semi awake. He would walk on the beach with his advisor and all of his angst was being dissipated. He was being given such deep lessons on Love and Life that all his fears dissipated. Even his fear of crossing over and leaving his family. He was at total peace. And in that peace he was able to leave a legacy of Love in this world through his letters and peace.

This is what I help people with as well. I help them understand the reason for their fears and dissipate them by being a wedge between themselves and their true self, which is Love. It is such a gift to be able to shift from anger and fear into Love. And it is a gift for me to witness and assist each one in this process. It changes one on all levels.

If you get a sense of wanting to change what triggers and motivates you and how you operate or refuse to operate as a divine being. Maybe a session with me will be the thing that can change your priorities and focus and shift you back into being a love based being.