What Every Truth Seeker Knows

Just because someone says a lie repeatedly and haughtily and shouts down the truth with contempt; what they say does not spin sweetly and automatically into the truth.

What we are all wading through in this reality is the muck of embedded lies. At one time, they all had a purpose, but the purpose was shucked away. The power mongers chewed off their grizzle and threw the skin and carcasses in the streets for the trusting to fight over.

These old dried bones and weathered casings are so prevalent that generation after generation are born into believing they are natural fodder for the land. We have stamped them down into the earth with our trod so that nothing natural grows any more. We have built houses, grown cities, and raised children upon them. A new idea, an inspiration or innovation to uplift humanity is scoffed at and ridiculed because it doesn’t mesh with the “natural earth” of the systemic lies.

Those born in a climate rich with this putrid synthetic ground-cover are the ones that scoff loudest at the simple concepts of nature, caring for others, living our purpose, or even hugging a tree. They have been bred in  surroundings that comfort them but overlook the discrepancies in logic, rationale, or kindness. They have been crudely stroked by power mongers into believing that their way is the noblest and most benevolent and that they are a better class than everyone else. There is nothing to be disputed with them.

There are those of us, and the numbers are growing, who see through the cracks of the ridiculous, to a shining ember of a new reality. It is one where all are valued and nurtured, and one’s purpose is a welcomed contribution to the betterment of all. Some see the discrepancies in this reality but are afraid to share truth because of the demonizing that they will incur. It is so silly to live in a world where kindness is vehemently scorned, and the ability to kill and go to war is so honored.

The world got twisted. Power mongers used every aspect of a what a person holds sacred and manipulated it into something to enslave the consciousness of man. Truth is not found by listening to others or even reading others’ quest for truth. This only gives hints of a sacred existence. Truth is found by dipping within one’s own sacred dwelling that is untainted by the thoughts of man, and access love and reality within. It is the only way.

Those of us who are truth-seekers drink from the infinite well within, visit worlds beyond this facade that we are living and dream great aspirations that are untainted by present nightmares. As we dream our dreams and resurface back into this reality, we bring our light, our love and inspiration with us. We create more cracks in the facade so that one day it will fall away for all. The power mongers will no longer be revered, and truth and innocence can sleep well in their beds again without fear of being pillaged.

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