War Buddies

A woman called me to help her dog who was traumatized by fireworks and thunder. It would send him into the closet shaking with fear. She was a born again Christian and I wanted to show respect to her beliefs. She not only was open to my help but it seemed to answer a prayer about a bigger issue.

I tuned into the dog. I asked her if she had a son. It was obvious that the dog had been a soldier in past lives and because of an incredible connection with her son, he had returned. In fact, it came through that he had an incredible connection with the son’s group of best friends as well.

Hearing this was out of her comfort zone but something about it resonated. She told me that the boys were all closer than brothers and they all loved the dog. In fact, when they came over to the house, the dog was included as one of them and they were always sweet and respectful of him.

The boys were all army buddies that had been in war together. It made them very close and they had taken a pact to come back together. The dog was a part of that pact. He died in war and trauma, possibly saving their lives. It was too devastating to come back as a human but he honored the pact by coming back in a dog body. On some level they still recognized and respected him as an equal.

This may have seemed very far-fetched to the woman’s belief system but she told me more background that helped her believe. She said that her son was fascinated by the military and plans to enlist as soon as he is old enough. She had a bad feeling about it and asked me to talk with him. I agreed.

She brought the dog, the son, and three other siblings to see me. We sat around in a circle and I released a lot of angst from the dog. We prayed. I talked with the boy. I explained to him that he was romanticizing war because he had a good experience in a past life with it. In a past life, it served a purpose of connecting him with great friends and important experiences. But those were in the past and the war he would be enlisting in was not the same.

I don’t usually interfere with someone’s freedom of choice but his mother had prayed for my help and she was out of her comfort zone yet receptive to my help. And he was her charge for a few more years. I did not tell the boy what his mother and I both knew, that he would have a short life if he took this path. I just told him that the war lives that he enjoyed had already happened. That he would have a happier life if he went to college and pursued his talents. I cost the Bush-era one soldier. His mother was very grateful.

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