Wake Up to Gratitude

There have been countless lifetimes when we have suffered under incredible oppression, starved, were enslaved, humiliated, mocked, scorned, and nearly annihilated, beaten down, and emotionally, mentally and physically defeated. We have endured and thrived because we are here.

In this moment, we are here! Any remnants of issues, like lack of money, feeling depressed, lack of motivation or self-esteem is a memory of the past. All complaints and problems are mere hints of horrendous experiences that we have endured. There is no need to bring them into the present moment. Put them in perspective.

If you have a safe place to sleep, have some comforts, have anyone at all to interact with, then you have things to be grateful for. If you are going to eat today, if you have water to drink and can even bathe and have a change of clothes, you are better off than many and have riches to be grateful for.

If you have someone who will listen and encourage you and give you a hug when you need it, you are living in abundance. To live in this time, and the present set of conditions would be a richness beyond compare to most of your past selves. Put it in perspective and realize that most of the things in your life are things you should be grateful for!

Feel Blessed, because you are!

We all are!

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