Choosing How You Resonate

There are different spiritual laws besides the Law of Attraction. They are as exacting as the Law gravity. One of them is the Law of Vibrations. It simply states that every thing that exists vibrates at a particular frequency. Matter, thoughts and emotions all have a vibration.

The law of Vibration explains that we attract to ourselves those things that resonate in agreement with our vibration. Think of the example of a bucket of ping pong balls dropped from the ceiling. Eventually, they will all bounce at the same height. If there were balls in the group t

Contemplative view of Sea and Clouds

You can choose to be the calm within every storm.

hat bounced higher, it would help the group of balls bounce higher. This is similar to how we as individuals uplift (or degrade) the consciousness of everyone.

Remember when every town had a church bell? What a beautiful sound. The purpose of the church bell may have been lost years before it was used. The purpose was to ring through the group and have them all resonate at a similar frequency. It was to bring a harmony to the group.

Yet now conformity is reaching critical mass in many ways. The more we break out of the conformity of mass thinking, the more we influence independent and positive change.  The ping pong balls around us will bounce higher until eventually it is the norm to think freely. Whenever we think as a group, we can not be sure if it is truly our belief system at the core or if we are just bouncing in mass thought.

You will see this in the beginning of a group experience. At first it will be fluid and everything makes sense. But then individuality is thwarted and the group starts to be a disappointment. It loses its uniqueness and begins to seem like a carbon copy of other groups. It has conformed.

Here are some techniques to help you to uplift yourself and others:

  • Curse words used to be used as shock value. Now they just degrade society. When someone curses around you, just put up an invisible shield within yourself to protect you from the negative intent. You will be able to watch that intent go back to the sender and affect the sender. (You may notice a loss in composure.) This is so effective because your intent is merely to protect yourself. If you try to hurt them, it brings you out of your center and you will not have the vantage of neutrality.
  • When someone is complaining, refuse to agree with them no matter how hard they try. Ignore everything they say until something positive emerges. Only comment on the positive statement. You will be encouraging more of the same.
  • Don’t engage in politics or any bantering of any sort. All groups and sects have a life of their own. The more you lend your voice to a particular group, the less effective your individuality is. Some people are addicted to mental bantering. Don’t fuel their addiction at the expense of your energy supply.
  • Don’t label yourself or others. Labeling is a way to conform. You then are in a group with everyone else who has the same label. And don’t label negative qualities as possessions. For example; my problems, my bad luck, etc
  • Choose wisely who you identify with. If you want to resonate at a great frequency, identify with those who set their own high bar of standards. Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi. All of these people have forged the way for higher standards so that we can have more freedom to be an individual.
  • Contemplate each day to learn how to listen to your instinct. Hone your gut feeling. This is the part of yourself that knows what is best for you at the highest level. Your true self has no agenda except to offer you a fulfilling life.
  • Get in the practice of doing one nice thing for someone a day without anyone ever knowing about it. This way you will know it isn’t fueled by praise and it is a way to help you stay random and giving in life.
  • Take responsibility for your place in life. If we shut down, it is our own fault. Life is meant to be difficult at the point of our own weaknesses. Don’t play the victim. Use problems as a stepping stone to your own greatness.
  • Show gratitude. It perpetuates the flow of blessings. When you don’t acknowledge the blessings that you have, you naturally shut them down.  Why would the Universe want to give gifts to an ungrateful heart?
  • Be a warrior when it comes to being kind. It is one of the most difficult things to do sometimes, to stand out of the crowd. But once we do it in a positive way, see how others respond to it and we can then be brave to do more of it.
  • Be mindful of everything you do. When you drink water, visualize that quenching your thirst is quenching the thirst of multitudes. When you eat a meal, visualize feeding the hunger of the masses. When you love your dog, imagine that you are loving the multitude of homeless pets. The multitudes will feel it.

Everything you do can uplift humanity if you choose to do so. It is a choice in complacency not to…once you have been given the tools to uplift consciousness in your own private world.