Valentines Day Event: Be Your Own Valentine

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day. I am offering a new way to assist people to regain their power and Valentine’s Day feels like the perfect day. We have so many expectations for Valentine’s Day. It is difficult to come out of it a winner. You have to be at the right cycle in a loving relationship and your partner needs to know exactly what will make you feel loved valued and appreciated. It is a hit and miss at best for some.

Instead of going through another year of waiting the day out and feeling left out; why not release all the isolation, disappointment and unworthiness that this day brings? The feelings that Valentine’s Day brings up for people are universal. It is a great time to come together and release all those issues as a group. Hopefully, love and confidence will ensue.

So I am offering a group private remote session to turn the day around for people who are dreading it. Why not invest in yourself and join the private group session as a personal gift?

I am able to feel the stagnant energy of lower vibration feelings in others and release them. I do this through converting them to sound and dissipating them with my intention. I also lead the group through taps to drastically shift their energy. It is like an EZ Pass for emotional energy. My techniques have been proven highly effective to many clients. Valentine’s Day would be an effective day to release a lot of issues in people because the nature of the day naturally brings painful issues to the surface. While they are at the surface, I can release them very efficiently, effectively and thoroughly.

We don’t get relief by feeling sorry for ourselves, pretending that we don’t feel bad, or self medicating with chocolate. This group session will be a way of telling the Universe that you are worthy, loved, content, and empowered. It can bring great benefits to those who have silently suffered on this day. It is time to say, “No More”.

If you want to do something WONDERFUL for yourself that doesn’t include overindulging, hiding out or a pity party, You can register now on my website on the right side of the page. It is the button under the title of Group Sessions. . You will be given the call number when you register.

We will be meeting this Saturday, Feb 14th and 4 pm eastern. It will be great! Please join us. Please share! It is also a great gift to give someone in your life that you care about. I am looking forward to assisting everyone!

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