Us vs Them

Many people dread the thought of reincarnating back to earth again. It implies a lack of control. That’s why the concept of heaven is so appealing. It’s bad enough that people have to come to terms with dying. At least going to heaven lands us in a wonderful place. That makes death as palatable as possible. But that belief leaves us with a false sense of security.

What is scarier than the uncertainty of crossing over? The fear of coming back with a different set of circumstances that are out of our control. The thought of coming back to parents that are poor, or worse, ignorant, is very scary. The thought of incarnating in any one of the war zones in the world or any of the places where quality of life or freedom are unknown is hard to contemplate.

Those who want peace on earth or not simply dreamers. They are realists. They understand that what we create on earth is what they are going to have to deal with in the future. To think that we can just devour and take as much as possible while we are here and then be lofted into a comfy eternity of bliss in naïve.

Heaven does exist. It is a great respite. Our actions do determine the quality of existence in the future. Time on the other side does seem like an eternity, but we do come back. There is accountability. Ignorance is not a trait that is tolerated in any higher realm of consciousness. Anyone who believes that they can abuse power, take from others, lie to themselves or deny dignity and sanctity of life to any life form at all, is not ready for a permanent state of Nirvana.

Every single particle in our energy field has to be in agreement with divine love before Nirvana is realized. There must be compassion for every set of circumstances which are not our own because they are our own. As long as one soul lives in want and need, we all live in want and need. Once we realize that we are an aspect of every play of power, every greedy intention, every violation to another, we can not possibly feel complete. Because we have separated ourselves with denial.

I am hoping Pope Francis, in his true desire to assist the world, will open up the Church doctrines to include reincarnation. When that happens all will act with more accountability. All will have a new self-interest in world issues. The world can finally be healed of the “us vs them” mode it is in. Then it won’t be so divided by the haves and have-nots. People who think they have are the ones who truly have not. People who understand that everyone who is wrong is them will realize that they really are all of us. Healing comes from this understanding.

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