Beauty permeates the whole being of each soul. One who is loving and kind may fear being hurt, so they protect themselves in some way. Those who have been hurt too much put bubble wrap on themselves to protect the love. Then they spend their life berating themselves for protecting themselves.

Some people wrap themselves in a plain brown wrapper so they will not be targeted for pain anymore. Some people seek to wrap themselves in the wrapper of someone else to validate themselves. Some people who are desperate to be loved, will adorn themselves in shiny paper and compete with others for love. They do not realize that we are love at the core and so waste their whole life adorning the paper.

Society has been too distracted by the shiny wrapper to discover the gifts inside. But when someone can see the true virtue, beauty and love in one, they can see it in all. Perhaps they can then even see it in themselves. When enough people can do that, there will be a tipping point, and all of humanity can uncover their wares and reveal the love that we all are.

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