Universal Healer

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An echo fills the Ancient sky, there’s heard one Universal cry
Percussions, movement, rhythms blend, hands that heal, bodies mend
The dance to capture visions lost, regain freedom at any cost

Broken lives we all endure, the sacred potion is the cure
To wash away the ills of man, unite us with our tribe again

In this life few understand, what the Shaman can withstand
To ease the suffering of those she can, heart to heart and hand to hand

Eons later old friend dispersed, to meet as strangers is their curse
Ways of remembering now dull and gray, all searching for the easy way

The healer steps forward in the artificial Light, to show the brilliance of true sight
Ancestors emerge in dance within, with spirits of the earth, and wind
Calling forth surging powers within her presence urges shadows to rescind.

All seekers of truth squint to see, the humble stance of the Shaman’s decree
Light and Sound blend and blur, as she summons truth to re-emerge
She blows away the waves of pain to bring back love to the heart of earth again

With the bending of the Light, others come forth out of the night
Clans remember how to serve the land and their vows to reunite

We meet again across time and space, recognition in a weary face
A fellow healer endured at all cost, and many times thought all was lost

Feel the blessings that ensue when one lost crusader learns there’s two
Exponential healing has begun Freedom now has been re-won.

Jen Ward

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