Understanding the Permeating Nature of Love

Recently I conducted a first long distance session with a new client. I felt right away where we needed to work. As I tuned into her energy and her sound frequency, I felt her frustration at her long time husband. I could feel her irritation at him and how incredibly filled she was with stuffing all the resentment that she held for him.

She confirmed what I was perceiving an instantly felt relief from me releasing some of that irritation from her energy. She also felt incredibly validated in this irritation that she carried around. She and her husband had been childhood sweethearts. That long love had died away long ago and they were left with the drudgery of raising children and caring for grandchildren. They could get along but the passion was gone and she felt irritated when she had to hear what a great guy he was…when she felt stifled and alone in the relationship.

What made it worse was she had met someone else that felt like her soul mate. Life was more difficult for her knowing that there was someone in the world that she preferred to be with and she could not. This is all that I picked up without her telling me and only confirming after I explained to her what I was picking up. Just someone else understanding that it was difficult to be with her husband was a relief to her. But we did so much more.

What humans don’t often understand is how they limit so much the way they compartmentalize concepts and beliefs into all or nothing. Love is all-pervasive. One does not have to choose. It is so easy to send love to all through the one. I suggested that she love her soul mate through her husband. It is similar to loving God through our mate. When one pet crosses over, we can love it through loving other pets. They will get the love and we will feel the connection. If we are able to love one, we are able to love all.

Many people feel my Love. I can send it out to everyone and they can feel it because I understand the nature of Love. Thinking that we can only love one mate, our own children or people and pets we know is a form of imprisonment. Once we understand how pervasive Love is, we will remove the gag order we have put upon ourselves and encourage others to understand the nature of Love as well. If we understand the truth of Love, we will never feel separate again.

Here are some taps that may help:
(Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I release scrimping on Love, in all lifetimes.
I release compartmentalizing Love, in all lifetimes.
I release conceptualizing Love, in all lifetimes.
I release with-holding my Love in all lifetimes.
I release thinking of Love in linear terms, in all lifetimes.
I release allowing judgment to diminish the depth and capacity of my Love, in all lifetimes.
I make space in this world to Love everyone and everything in the world, in all lifetimes.
I remove all blockages to emanating my Love to everyone and everything in the world, in all lifetimes.
I stretch my capacity to Love everyone and everything in the world, in all lifetimes.
I declare myself a channel to permeate the world with Divine Love, in all lifetimes.

See your placement on the earth. See yourself as a spigot pouring incredible Love into the whole world. See the spigot becoming larger and larger and the flow of your love saturating the whole world. Do nothing to change anyone or anything. Just simply pour your love into the world as a gift to everyone. Never force it on anyone. Only allow it to be present to uplift all who wish to accept.

Once we awaken to our own loving nature, we can encourage all others to accept their true nature as well.

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