Understanding Dreams

There are many different types of Dreams. One of the main purposes of dreams is to bring the individual to a better understanding of who they really are. Some experiences seem like garbled confusion while others feel like fantastic adventures. All are important aspects of self discovery.

The reason that dreams are so garbled is that sometimes they are adventures or memories beyond the experiences that the conscious mind has acquired. When the adventures are filtered through the limited experiences of the mind, the mind fills in the details to the best of its ability. It would be similar to a child viewing an adult experience and retelling it from his vantage point.

There is also an aspect of the self that wants to protect the individual from the stark truth. It intentionally garbles information received during sleep. The way to get past this mechanism is to write the dreams down. By doing so, you can go back and look at recurring themes. It is also important to pay attention to the feeling that they illicit. Create your own meanings for symbols in your dream. They will become your own dictionary to be used to decipher what your dreams are trying to convey.

Sometimes, when someone has nightmares, they are trying to come to terms with trauma that happened in a past life. Sometimes they are reliving a past memory of how they died. It is very upsetting to the equilibrium of daily living. It goes without saying that if you are having nightmares, remove daily triggers for the dreams as much as possible. For instance, turn off the violent TV shows that may be bringing the memory to the surface.

When you awake from nightmares, remind yourself that anything that happened in the past was temporary because you are safe in your bed now. It sounds like common sense but making a choice to be non-reactive can really help. The aspect of you that is triggered in nightmares is also the part that loves drama. By not reacting, you are returning the reins to your reasonable mind.

There are wondrous worlds outside of the physical existence. When we are lucky enough to visit them, our next day seems wondrous and happy. These places are real, and do exist, just at a different vibratory rate. When we have dreams of flying, or driving in a car or movement of any kind, we are actually traveling within ourselves.

There is a place on the astral plane that actually teaches the individual how to travel more freely in the other worlds. It has a huge Ferris wheel in it’s center and many other rides. They start out as conventional but then teach the individual to move past their perceived limitations. That may be why children love amusement parks; it may remind them of their inner freedom. Recurring dreams about a carnival may be a visit to this wonderful place.

When traveling in the other worlds, it is good to have a spirit guide to assist you and keep you from getting into harm’s way. One would not travel to a foreign country without knowing how to sidestep dangers. The same holds true for learning to travel in the inner worlds.

Hopefully, if you are already having wonderful inner experiences, you are being assisted by the guardian master dreamer, or Dream Master, to act as guardian, tour guide and teacher. I know his name to be Z.

A technique to use before falling asleep, is to invite Z (a true spirit guide will never enter your personal realms unless invited) to assist you in having an experience that will bring you greater understanding. You may want to keep a dream journal as well to document your adventures and lessons.