Under the Knife

I recently facilitated a private remote session for someone halfway across the world. She was pretty amazed that she could feel tingling in her face as we worked and that she felt pins and needles in her chest as we released some of her emotional blockages. She has had health issues. She has been in and out of the hospital with diverticulosis. Her doctor was speaking about surgery as the next plan of action.

Diverticulosis is a situation where the body does not stop bleeding. One of my best friend’s mother had this and was in the hospital. Nothing was working for her. Since she was older, and she was in and out of the hospital with it, her family thought that she would not leave the hospital again. I was new at the concept of energy work at the time, and wasn’t aware of what I was capable. I just emoted my shamanic sounds with the intention of helping her. She was released the next day and never had another issue with the dis-ease. I also had an instance where I helped another friend who called me in the middle of the night and was terrified of going to the emergency room. Her bleeding stopped as well.

When I tuned into the this new client, the imagery was horrific. The image was of a sword through the soft tissues of her organs, impaled all the way through her body and pinning her up against the wall. Her blood was streaming down the wall in long streaming drips. It was horrific. We started doing taps around this issue. The energy in this area of the body was dark and congested. As we worked, that is when she felt the tingles. he energy opened up and became lighter.

With no prior knowledge, I asked her what was wrong with her left ankle. She told me very matter-of-factly that she had twisted it. Then I saw the image of that foot being chopped off at the ankle with a huge machete. Again I was being shown the blood, but I was also being shown the fear of sharp knives. She was telling me how terrified the body is of surgery because a scalpel is a knife. This correlation had never occurred to her. She knew she didn’t want surgery but was unaware of a deep aversion to knives.

On some level, her body perceives the scalpel as just another form of trauma. It creates a real dilemma for many people. I have seen this when people get elective surgery or even liposuction. The body feels betrayed because it is doing everything that it is asked to do but yet is still being attacked. The body sometimes sees surgery as an attack. Especially elective surgery because so many of them are motivated by self loathing or dissatisfaction.

Anyone who has anything traumatic done to themselves should talk to their body consciously so that it can understand that it is not a punishment but an attempt at self-care. Love the body, and nurture the body. For many bodies, on the primal level of communication, a knife means an attack. It is a job of the conscious self to help the primal self, realize that they are safe and not being threatened or betrayed. This may help speed much of the recovery.

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