Uncovering Our Own Past Lives

Someone asked me how to know what their past lives are. It is a great question since it is more empowering to figure it out for ourselves than to have someone else just tell us.

So here is a homework assignment to help you do that.

First: Make lists of all the things:

  • that you are afraid of.
  • all the things that you dislike; including climates, people, customs and time periods.
  • all your character weakness, and prejudices.

Second: Cross reference your lists to see what things seem to go together. It may start to stir images or ideas in you of why you have an aversion to these things. These are the lifetimes where you may be holding more trauma and you may even uncover the ways that you have died in the past.

Third: Do the same thing with the opposite side of your life; with all of the things you like. Make a list of:

  • the people you are receptive to.
  • the cultures you wish to visit.
  • look at movies which are time period pieces and feel which ones seem comfortable.
  • think about the times in history that you could have lived comfortably.

Fourth: Use your imagination:

  • Who did you Love?
  • What did you eat?
  • What was the climate?
  • What were the customs.

Discovering who we are and who we have been is a great adventure. It is our own personal mystery to unravel. And we are the key.

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