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Trusting Your Instinct

Most of the times when I do a session on animals or human clients, I get a similar response. What I tell people rings true with them. They had gotten a sense of what I was saying already.

It seems like a great leap of faith to trust your intuition but the more that you test it out with small things, the more you can trust it on more important issues. You can actually teach yourself to be your own intuitive.

For example, if you get the feeling to not wear a certain garment but you wear it anyway; then you have the experience that your nudge was right. Maybe it was too uncomfortable or wrong temperature. You can begin to trust your instinct with at least, wardrobe issues. So once you develop or recognize your gut feeling mechanism, you can use it on more important issues, like finding the right diet, job, or relationships for you.

The mechanism of trusting your heart or gut is infallible. It has no ulterior motive. And better yet, it serves your best interest.

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2 comments to Trusting Your Instinct

  • charmdeyes

    I found this article very true, the simplest point being made with attire. I find when I follow my instinct, it makes me feel “happier” with myself (if you will)because I feel connected on a higher level.

  • Yes, being connected on a higher level does bring so much more freedom. It is a way to experience life as the celebration it is. Thankyou for sharing.