True Intelligence

The mind is valued as the highest form of awareness to some. But there is confusion about what intelligence is. Some people are able to remember many intricate thoughts and apply them in the correct social setting. This is really only a sophisticated form of mimicry.

Our minds are bombarded by thoughts all the time. We swim in a sea of thought. If we were able to consciously remember everything we heard we would realize that everything that comes out of our mouth is just us repeating something that we heard from another source.

Public opinion is merely a force with an agenda repeating what it wants you to believe. At some point you will believe it as truth.  This is the ongoing battle of wills that goes on with the individual being the pawn.

True intelligence challenges every thought that comes into the psyche. It challenges every thought’s origin and the motivation behind it. True intelligence holds every thought up against the back drop of its own experience. Above all, it trusts its inner awareness (gut feeling) to gauge whether something is true.

True intelligence knows that each person’s truth is unique. True intelligence succumbs in humility to the realization that it is futile to debate truth. It realizes that once someone has succumbed to outside programming, it is a waste of energy to try and debate them.

True intelligence will always welcome in more information and be flexible to change position if warranted. It will always defer to the heart or gut feeling. It has learned from experience that these are signals from a higher awareness to guide them to their right action.