True Awareness

There has always been something very disturbing to me about honoring cancer survivors. I recently figured out what it is.

Have you ever seen the show Hogan’s Heroes? It is a lighthearted show set in Nazi Germany. It depicts Americans and their allies whose assignment is to sabotage the war efforts of the enemy while stationed in a POW camp. The show is pure genius because it takes such a heavy subject material and makes it lighthearted. It even makes the antagonist guards, Colonial Klink and Sargent Schultz endearing somehow. They are bumbling idiots and the POWs are always pulling something over on them.

The way that they do it is by shamelessly stroking their egos and manipulating them using the power of persuasion. They pull as many characters as they can into the plot line to make it convincing. There were episodes where they gave awards and parades just so they can manipulate them further.

This is what is being done to people. Cancer is a ruthless violation to the sanctity of life. It is created by a toxic environment in which the body can not function normally. We know this correlation. It has always been known. But the powers that are vested in pollution and corruption don’t want to clean up the environment. Instead, they play the part of the cunning Colonel Hogan and use guile to manipulate the masses. They convince everyone that the perpetrator is an unknown assailant when in fact, it is our own greed.

Society is Colonial Klink in the analogy. It’s treated like bumbling idiots. Those who suffer as the casualties of cancer, whose bodies can’t withstand the toxins, are given a parade or award for their attempts to fight the good fight. The casualties are stroked shamelessly for fighting a good battle. The battle was in enduring. It is every being’s primal urge to endure. We are all being duped into stroking the ego of those who have already suffered so much. If it was a sitcom, society is the extras in the episode of Big Corporations vs. the little people

The issue is not in honoring people who have endured a horrific treatment. The travesty is in the ruse; we don’t realize that the toxins could be cleaned up if it was a priority. But it would be an initial cost to big business. Instead of putting efforts into cleaning up society, we distract the people with pink ribbons, parades and TV shows romanticizing treatment.

The victims are being stroked shamelessly to rob them of their indignation. Every person who gets cancer should be outraged that society is doing so little to clean up the toxins. So society strokes them and appeals to their ego to distract them from their indignation. It is also to distract them from pointing a finger at big business. And that is why you will not see me wearing a pink ribbon. I respect the survivors too much.

There are others who may feel the same way. Some of us respect the victims plight too much to placate them with a pink ribbon. It is offensive to me that they are patronized. Ribbons are for pony shows and little girls hair. Pink is to welcome the joy of a newborn baby girl into the world. It is offensive that pink now associated with a horrific disease. Newborn baby girls and disease are honored with the same color. On some level, this seems an intentional correlation. Pink is no longer a color of innocence.

It doesn’t matter what I say here. Too many celebrities have been duped into getting on the pink ribbon bandwagon. The media loves the spin. They get to sensationalize AND appeal to the human interest side with each survivor. The skills and talents of natural healers, remedies and practices are treated like dirty little secrets or the enemy. I can scream truth here and no one will listen because I am the natural healer. I Am the antagonist. The irony would be priceless if it was not so tragic.

The fact that there are simple solutions that don’t involve cutting away body parts or poisoning the whole body to kill the intruder seems too simplistic. To even utter such nonsense is to offend everyone who has already fought a good battle. The most I can hope for is that society will not be too offended when I don’t wear a pink ribbon or get all involved in the cancer awareness movement.

The cancer awareness movement is an analogy for cancer in the body. The more awareness it has, the more presence it has. It is like duplicating cancer cells in the macrocosm. It is not rocket science It is simple awareness. If society really was cancer aware, they would stop introducing it into every venue of society and starve it out or eradicate it with noncompliance. That is the awareness I would like to see

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